Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

Oh baby baby, how was I supposed to know, that something wasn't right here. Oh baby baby, I shouldn't have let you go, now you're out of sight yeah!

Don't look at me like that!

I had to google those lyrics. You think I'd actually now them by heart? Shows what you know.....


I may know a lot of stuff. Most of it useless. But I don't know lyrics to bubble gum pop songs performed by adherents of the cult of Mickey Mouse.

Oh yes. It's a cult. The Mickey Mouse Club is just a cult for kids. It would indoctrinate them and control their lives. And when they finally made their break, look at how messed up they become.

Britney, Demi, Christina, Justin.....(you think that perm was voluntary?) And they are just from one generation of the club. Look at the older members; Anette, Cubby, Mike.....

And it's not just the Club. No, the Club was reserved for the higher us in the cult. Being a member of the Mickey Mouse Club was akin to achieving 'Clear' in a different cult. Anyone who stared on the mouses tv network was slowly being indoctrinated into the cult by means of stupid juice. How else do you explain Selena dating Justina? It made the cult money, so she was coerced into the relationship with the girl-boy.


That's why she has had so much trouble letting him go!


I don't know. Sounds like one of them theories I should have saved for a Thursday. Even though it actually belongs on a Monday. Because I made it up. But it's a plausible theory, isn't it? The Cult of Disney destroys youth in their everlasting quest for cash.


Hey! Did anyone notice that it's Tuesday? That means, it's Tell The truth Tuesday! Are you all ready to hear the truth about yesterdays post?

Doesn't matter if you're ready or not. Because I am, and I'm going to tell you ........NOW!


TRUE! It's true. The majority of sort errors in your computers RAM are caused by cosmic waves.

The cosmic rays are energized neutrons that are emitted by the Sun. They fly through space and reach Earth where most of them just pass through whatever they encounter. (What? You didn't think you were solid, did you? HAH! Science!)


Now, neutrons have no charge. So what happens is, they are become victims of a process known as 'Neutron Capture'. This means they are captured by the nucleus of an atom that makes up part of the memory chip. This causes a charged secondaries, like alpha particles or oxygen nuclei, which in turn cause the soft errors.

Neutron Capture shouldn't be confused with Thermal Neutrons, which are neutrons that have lost their kinetic energy and therefore are not as active. This means they move about slower and are more susceptible to Neutron Capture. Thermal neutrons can also be produced by the normal decay of radioactive elements like plutonium and uranium. It's this decay that makes underground computers susceptible to soft errors.


As you can imagine, higher rates of solar flares increase the amount of cosmic rays in the air. This results in more soft errors during periods of heightened solar activity. did.

The advent of error correcting RAM has cut down on the number of soft errors considerably. And we're all better off for it, as it results in fewer interruptions of our Candy Crush sessions.


Anyway, that's the scoop. I was telling you the truth.

Today, I am also going to tell you the truth. But that shouldn't come as a surprise. This is a tale from history. 105 years in the past, to be exact.


In 1909 the Worlds Fair came to Seattle. And like all world fairs, it was a huge deal. For four months people could see the wonders of the world showcased in their city. They saw things like eskimos and natives of the Philippines. (seriously....they had 50 native tribesmen shipped to Seattle where they built grass huts and went about their daily lives while people paid $.50 to see them.)

The worlds fair was also a place to showcase new and exciting products. One of the new products on show, (which you also got to see for your $.50), were several incubators. You know, the incubators they use to help premature babies survive?


But this wasn't just a passive display. No. People had to see them working. So the 20 incubators each held an actual premature baby. It should be noted that during the entire four month run of the fair, not a single preemie died as a result of being put on display.

But premature babies weren't the only infant related attraction at the fair. There was also Baby Ernest. This baby was one month old and had been abandoned by it's mother. Ernest ws a ward of the state.


There were a lot of babies who were wards of the state back in the early 20th century. And the state had to care for them because no one else would. And that took money.

So, an idea was proposed and actually accepted; A raffle would be held. The grand prize? Baby Ernest.


That's right. A one month old baby was offered up as the prize in a raffle at the 1909 worlds fair. And, just to show people are exactly what you think they are, all the tickets sold out. Not only did all the tickets sell, they actually held the drawing!

I wish I could have a happy ending for you, but I can't. Sadly, I have no ending. You see, the drawing was held, and a winner was selected. But they never claimed their prize.


I considered telling you about Ernest as part of Made Up Monday. Obviously, I decided not to. I figure most of you would say, "Oh....that's just too weird. It has to be true!" And I like fooling you all whenever I can.

Anyway, tune in tomorrow for the next exciting oddity from the worlds least-cute otter!

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