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Otters Oddities

Hursk-y dursk-y horse-a dink-a-durk! Hurng urng-gy durn urng-gy hing, BORK BORK BORK!

Ok. I don't know what he actually say's. I don;t speak Swedish Chef. And I'd be willing to be you don't either. So, that's close enough.


I actually have a theory about the Swedish Chef. I think he's the original Ehrmagerd meme! Seriously! Think about it; EHRMAGERD! BORKS!

It makes sense.....

Today, I just have a quick one for you. I am typing this about 5 minutes before it has to go live because I'm stupid and forgot yesterday was only Thursday. (don't ask....long story...)

We all know her as, not the Swedish Chef, but the French Chef. She is, of course, Julia Child. But did you know she wasn't always a chef?

She came up with recipes, though. And it's quite unusual, too.

During World War Two, Julia did her part for the war effort by working for the O.S.S. (the Office of Strategic Services). This was the forerunner to the CIA. And one of the first assignments she had was, like I mentioned, to come up with a recipe.


So she went into her lab and started concocting. The end result was a mixture of black dye, copper sulfide and water soluble wax. Sounds tasty, right? Well, this wasn't made for eating.

The allies had a problem. they would go through the effort of laying mines in the water to deter Germanys U-Boats, but pesky sharks would get curious and set them off by poking them.


The goop Julia came up with was a shark repellent. It was so effective that it was issued to pilots to use when they were shot down over the ocean. Her formula was the primary shark repellent used by both the military and civilians for over thirty years.

History is silent on how many bottles of wine she used in the development of the recipe.

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