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Otters Oddities

TWO! MINUTES! To miiiiid-niiiiight....


Um....Run to the hillssssss......


Six! Six, Six! The number of the beast! Sacrifice! Is going on....


All right, fine! Refuse to recognize the best English hair-metal of all time! Some would call it heavy metal. And I'll allow it. Unless you're one of those people that also calls Poison, Bon Jovi, Ratt, Whitesnake, Stryper, Tesla, Warrant, Cinderella, Great White or Skid Row heavy metal.


If that's the case, then I need to hurt you.

My metal phase came after my punk phase. And, I'm not talking pussy punk like Green Day, or Blink 182. I mean real punk. Late 70's - early 80's hardcore punk. And my metal? Metallica, Megadeath, Slayer, Anthrax, Exodus, Death know, speed metal.

I used to laugh at the guy wearing the Bon Jovi t-shirt who claimed to like nothing but the heaviest of heavy metal. Yeesh....

But, everyone has their own taste in music. There are a lot of musicians out there I don't like. And that's fine. Music is all personal taste.


Now, you'll notice I said musicians, not genres. That's because there are songs in almost every style of music that I like. Generally, it's musical groups I don't like. But that's me. I know people that will not listen to a genre, like country, because it's lame. Yet, there's that song by George Strait that's good. And Johnny Cash, too. Oh...and Tim McGraw has some good stuff. And that Blackhawk group has good harmony....

You'll find that people who say 'I hate XYZ!' don't actually hate what they claim to hate. They're just too stubborn to admit theres a few songs or artists they like.


So, what does all this have to do with todays oddity?

I dunno.

Except for the fact that there things about music that will surprise you.

There's no way on gods green Earth I could list every amazing thing you don't know about musical geniuses. So I'm going to just mention one person. And that person is the only lead singer to the above pictured band that's worth mentioning.


Get it? Iron Maiden?

Iron Maiden has had a few different lead singers. But only one really counts: Bruce Dickinson. (no...he never told Deep Purple they needed more cowbell...)


Anyone who had heard Iron Maiden knows Bruces voice. He has an incredible range, and a very distinct style. In fact, Bruce is the one that all the hair band singers tried to duplicate.

Bruce was, and is, the rock stars rock star. He's passionate about music. And he can be....well.....a little bit of a diva.


But he's a human being, too. People sometimes forget that about rock stars. So, how much of a human is this lead singer for Englands best hard rock/heavy metal band?

Well, let's see. He's a licensed commercial airline pilot. This goes way beyond getting a pilots license. Bruce is a bonafide pilot. He flies the 757. He flew the bands plane on two different tours. He also has flown premiere league football teams, soldiers returning from Afghanistan, dignitaries....


But that's not all. He's a published author, too. His first book, The Adventures of Lord Iffy Boatrace, might sound like a childrens book, but it's not. Far from it. It's a satrical dig at the upper classes. It was so popular, the publisher had him write a sequel.

But wait! There's more!

You don't want to piss him off. He's a world class fencer. He has competed ini international competition, and was ranked the number 7 fencer in Britain.


Most people don't know facts like these. Even about bands they like. They forget that musicians are people too. I know many people who will swear Iron Maiden is the only music worth listening to, and yet, they don't know these simple facts about the singer of their favorite band.

Life isn't always about the music. Take the time to learn about the things you like.



Not odd enough for you? Tough. This is what you get.

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