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Have fun storming the Reichstag!

Hahaha! No. He never said that! He never wanted anyone to have fun.....

Except for himself. He liked to have fun. And one way he liked to have fun was by tricking people into thinking he was a good leader.


And by tricking, I of course mean he killed anyone who didn't think he was a good leader. Heck, even if you did think he was a good leader, chances are he would have you killed.

And who is he? Seriously? You don't know?

Well, I'm not going to tell you. Yet.

First, we need to do this other thing.

Yes folks, it's Tell The Truth Tuesday! *insert Kermit the Frog flailing his arms and yelling 'YAAAY!'* Today I tell you if yesterdays post was true or false.

And yesterday, I was telling you the truth. The Barycenter is, in fact, the point in space which everything orbits, including the sun. Remember, the Barycenter is the center of mass of the solar system. The Sun does not sit directly on the center of mass. It oscillates around it. Most of the time, the Barycenter falls in the radius of the sun. But when it doesn't, we do actually orbit around nothing.

The Barycenter is one of those things that doesn't seem right to people who can't picture it. So here is a picture of the Barycenter to help you understand what I'm talking about. Because, can be hard. The barycenter we're talking about here is the barycenter for the solar system.


But a barycenter is the center of mass between any number of objects. For example, the barycenter between the Earth and Moon is about 1,000 miles below the surface of Earth. Both the Earth and the Moon orbit that point. So, strictly speaking, the Moon and Earth orbit each other. This off-center barycenter is one of the things that makes Earth wobble. The Sun wobbles too, but it's far less than the Earth, so it's not anywhere near as notable.

So, long story short, science rules and otter was telling the truth. Copernicus was wrong. But not because he was stupid. He just didn't possess the correct instruments to be able to tell there was a barycenter that wasn't the sun.


But, enough of the hard scienc-y stuff. Let's move on back to the subject of that man with the pedo-stache. Joseph Stalin.

Man was a grade A dick. If you lived in the Soviet Union during his reign, you life was worth only as much as he felt it was worth. And that meant, not much. People give Hitler a hard time for the Holocaust. (as well they should...). But if actual numbers are compiled, Stalin killed more people during WWII than Hitler.


And after the war, he didn't stop. Stalin killed more people than WWII did in total.

He was a dick. A psychopathic, narcissistic, paranoid, dick.

Everyone was afraid of Stalin. At the end of WWII, Winston Churchill tried to get the combined militaries of the world to continue the was by attacking Stalin.


During the war, many German soldiers who were captured told their captors that they shouldn't be fighting each other, they should be fighting the Russians.

Hitler was not a nice guy, don't get me wrong. He had to be stopped. But if history had played out slightly differently and the Nazis never came to power in Germany, chances are WWII would still have happened. Except it would have been the world against Russia.


Like I said, everyone was afraid of Stalin. And that brings us to todays oddity. Everyone was so afraid of him, that he died.

In March 1953, Stalin suffered a stroke and died. But he might not have had to die. Even back in the 50's people could survive a stroke.


But his personal guard was so terrified of him that it wasn't until 12 hours after he suffered his stroke that doctors were summoned. Stalin hadn't told them to call a doctor, and they were all afraid of the retribution they would suffer if they called for help without his authorization.

As a result of the delay in medical care, Stalin died.

Now, he may well have died anyway. I need to stress that. But the plain and simple fact was, everyone in Russia, including his closest personal guards, were so terrified of him, they wouldn't do anything without his permission. And these guards, it should be noted, had sworn their lives to protect Stalin.


That's some righteous fear.

But, this is history. And I know history. And that's one of the reasons I scoff at anyone who even attempts to compare any current politicians with being a communist.


Stalin was a communist leader. Chairman Mao was a communist leader. Kim il Jung was a communist leader. Pol Pot was a communist leader.

Unfortunately, hyperbole has become de rigeur for America because if you don't agree with my opinion, you're a vile piece of scum who doesn't deserve to live because 'MURICA! *note* I do not think like that. Everyone's entitled to their opinion and if I don't agree with it, it doesn't make it wrong. Just means I disagree...


So, while America, (or whatever country you're reading this in), has it's problems, realize there are places in this world that are worse by orders of magnitude.

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