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Otters Oddities

Dashing through the fake snow, on a one horse open sleigh, o'er the fields we go, laughing all the way, HA HA HURNNK........damn....I think this snow is poisoning me.....

Don't laugh. It's not funny.

Have you ever noticed how people pronounce the words 'it's' and 'not' together? Most will make it sound like 'it's not'. But there are some who, for whatever reason,make it sound like 'it's snot'.


Just thought I'd mention that.

Yes. It was a strange thing to mention. But I wanted to warm you up slowly. Because today is Totally Trippy Theory Thursday!

And I have a good one for you today. But I have an even better one for next week. I found it while researching todays subject. I need to do more research on it, though. Because, it's one that really needs to be done right so you can all appreciate it.

Now, as usual, this is a real conspiracy theory that I do not believe. Other people believe it. I'm just sharing it with you because, need to be made aware of all the crazy out there.


Today has to do with fake snow. Not the kind you flock your tree with at christmas. Nor the kind you sprinkle around the ceramic village you have set up on the mantle-piece.

No, this fake snow is produced by the government. And they make it fall from the sky. On Atlanta. Because reasons!


Last winter was a harsh winter. It was abnormally cold, and areas that don't typically see snow, saw measurable amounts. Like Atlanta, Georgia.

Sure, Atlanta will get freezing temps, and even ice storms. But actual, measurable snow is not very common. So when they got 2 inches of snow last winter, people were suspicious. And so, using their vast scientific expertise, many people gathered up the snow and tried to light it on fire. (yes. yes they did. because they ran out of firewood, I guess.). What they noticed when they used their lighters and blow torches on the snow was, it didn't melt! I shriveled up like plastic and it turned black!


We all know what snow is. It's just frozen water that's not ice. Even though it is ice. But that's besides the point. The point is, it's frozen water. And when flame is applied to frozen water, it should melt. Not turn black and shrivel up.

Here's the thing, though. The lighters they used were butane, and the torches were propane. Both are hydrocarbons that burn very inefficiently. That means a lot of the fuel reacts with carbon and creates a layer of soot on what ever your trying to burn. (simple experiment....light a lighter and run your finger through the flame a few times. It won't burn, but it will turn black from the soot)


And the shriveling they saw? That was the snow melting. Snow melts differently than ice, as anyone who lives where it snows regularly can tell you. Ever seen a snow shelf? That's where the snow has a top crust of a couple of inches, but underneath, it's melted. Now, if the sun is hitting the top of the snow, then the top of the snow is getting the most heat, right? So why does the snow under the crust melt while the crust stays? (answer: SCIENCE!)

But, the snow experts who live in Georgia, who had seen snow maybe a couple of times in their city, knew that the snow was made from plastic. Poisonous plastic, even. And it was dropped from the sky by the government to Georgia.


As the following days warmed up, the snow, of course, melted. None of the people who believe the plastic snow theory seem to consider that, though. All they know is, when they tried to light the snow on fire, it didn't burn!

As usual, I haven't supplied any evidence in my post. That's so I don't get people pissed at me for using their content without their permission. But, if you do a search for "fake Georgia snow", you'll get videos and such. But I urge you not to. People be whack. I research this stuff so you don't have to. No reason all of us should go insane....


Next week, I'll have another theory for you that deals with something fake. And there is no way in hell you'd ever guess what it is. Why am I telling you this? Because.....uh.....I'm trying to drum up page hits?

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