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Don't move or I''ll....wait a minute....Something doesn't seem right here....

Guns. You either love them, or you hate them. There isn't really an in between. Or so many people think. I do know people who don't own guns, don't want to own guns, and don't care if others do own them.


But those people are few and far between. I like guns. I enjoy the shooting sports. It should be noted, though, that the shooting sports are target sports. They do not include hunting. Hunting is not a sport. I don't hunt. I used to hunt, but I haven't in many years. After leaving the military, I discovered I no longer had the desire to shoot living things. I'll still eat them, but I prefer someone else kills them for me.

I also do not keep loaded guns in my house. I know people who do, but I know more gun owners who don't. Not all gun owners who shoot are nut-jobs. In fact, most aren't. We're a responsible group of people who take safety very seriously. Come to our houses and you'll find our guns locked up. And, if you do manage to get one of my guns, you still need to find where I stash the ammo. Because, like most gun owners I know, ammo and guns are kept separate.

I live in a state where, as long as I pass a background check and prove I know how to be safe, I can get a concealed carry permit. I even own a nice little hand gun I could carry. It's a Sig Sauer P232 in .380. (if you know guns, you'll know it's a nice one) But I don't have a permit to carry. I have no need for one. Why do I need to carry a gun? I live in a town where most people don't even carry a house key with them because they seldom lock their doors.

Let's, two, three, four....ok. Four paragraphs of non-funny padding is enough. I suppose I'll get on with todays oddity. But first, I didn't try to be reasonable about guns for my health. It was to ensure you all know that not all people want to kill other people with guns.


But the CIA does. Does that shock you? It shouldn't. The CIA is forbidden by law from killing people during the gathering of intelligence or while preforming espionage. (they can kill at other times, but that's another story)

But sometimes, they found they needed to do some killing while stealing secrets. So, how to do it without getting caught?


In the late 60's, the CIAs engineers came up with the solution: The Heart Attack Gun.

No. I haven't mixed up my days. It's Friday, so this oddity is not made up, nor is it a theory. The heart attack gun is real. In 1975, Senator Frank Church presented it to a senate subcommittee that was investigating illegal activities by the CIA.


It was an ingenious weapon. It was a handgun equipped with a scope. It did not fire a conventional bullet, obviously. What it did fire was a small bullet made of ice. The bullet was .11 inches wide which is less than the diameter of a BB. The ice bullet was coated with a toxin that was taken from a shell fish. ( I'm telling you guys what that toxin is!). This toxin, however, is so deadly that even a minute amount in a humans blood stream is enough to give someone a heart attack. Size and physical fitness doesn't matter.

If an autopsy was done, the toxin could be detected in the blood stream. This was one one of the down sides to the gun. However, when someone dies from a heart attack, autopsies are rarely done.


And the entrance wound would appear to be a mosquito bite. So there would be no reason for anyone to suspect it was anything but a heart attack.

While Senator Church was able to discover the existence of the gun, he wasn't able to discover if it had been used on anyone.


Knowing the CIA, I'd bet lots of cash that it was used on someone, somewhere. Probably more than a few times.

Hmm.....I had a heart attack at 42......I wonder what I did to piss off the CIA? (no no....I joke. Not about the heart attack. That happened. but I know for a fact it was my 5 clogged arteries that caused it, not some CIA goon...)

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