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Otters Oddities

"I see nothing!", "I hear nothing!", "Mph mmph mmmphmph!".

Don't give me no crap about how it's supposed to be chimps, or monkeys or whatever! I like the Beagle Boys, so I'm using the Beagle Boys!


I always enjoyed the Beagles in my Disney comics. They were the best bad guys ever! Pete was just mean. The Beagles, they were funny. Also, Pete was the nemesis of Mickey Mouse, and I hate that little rodent. I mean, I really hate him.

I think it has to do with the fact that he's arrogant. Seriosly, he is. Read some of the original stories from the early years, and he comes off as an insufferable ass, always having to be right, and needing to prove that he's so much smarter than everyone else...wait a minute. That kind of sounds like me....

I'm not sure what it is. But I don't like Mickey or Minnie. Goofy, Donald, Pluto, the chipmunks, I like. But the mice....well, I guess a quote from Jinx sums it up best. "I hate those meeses to pieces!" (bonus Otter points if you know who Jinx is)

But I digress.

It's Tuesday! Tell The Truth Tuesday! And I'm going to reveal the answer to yesterdays Made Up Monday!


I was.....truthing the hell out of that fact. It was all, 100% true. The woman actually thought she could kill her husband by poisoning her hoo-haa. You really have to hate someone to do that. I just have to wonder, though, at what exactly it smelled like. I mean, personal hygiene aside, we're talking a region of the body that is ripe for fermenting bad smells. So, how bad was it to make him stop what he was doing and rush her to the hospital? I mean, the phrase "It smells like something crawled inside you and died!" comes to mind, but......

Anyway, let's move on to todays oddity. It's a quick one because, well...I'm lazy tonight and frankly, Diablo III or Borderlands 2 sounds like more fun than spending all night on this.


Sue me.

Today I want to tell you about something that many would call a coincidence. I don't care. It's odd, so it meets my criteria.


Many people consider our government to be filled with crooks. Maybe not quite as blatant as the Beagle Boys, but crooks all the same. Just because you use laws to steal peoples money doesn't mean you aren't a crook.

And when you mention crooks in Washington, most people will come up with one name: Richard Nixon. Anyone who comes up with someone else needs to just sit down. The correct answer id Tricky Dick.


Here's the oddity, though. Until Richard Millhouse Nixon took office, there had never been a president whose name could be rearranged to spell the word 'criminal'.

And what makes it even odder, there's only been one other; William Jefferson Clinton.


Oddity or coincidence? Frankly, this post is finished, so I no linger care....

(it's an oddity...)

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