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Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.
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Otters Oddities

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I didn't know Pop-Rocks came in cans!

Ok...sorry....bad joke. Not that a lot of you will understand after glancing at that photo.


But I have an excuse. There was a marathon of 'World War II In Color' today.

Still don't understand?

That canister, the one with the hard to read label, is a despicable object. It's a canister of Zyklon B. And the materiel spilling out is....the Zyklon B its self.


Quick history lesson: Zyklon B was the chemical the Nazis used to gas the prisoners in the death camps. When exposed to water, it became cyanide. And with the amount of victims the Nazis killed, it may well be one of the deadliest poisons, (in terms of number of people killed), there is.

So, comparing it to Pop-Rocks was really in bad taste. But then, most of my posts are done in bad taste.


I will confess, I intentionally started todays post with something that was foul. Why? Well....because today is Made Up Monday!

And what I have for you is fairly tasteless as well, so I thought I'd get started with the tasteless right away.


This post you will think is an easy one. But then, you'll re-read it and think...'he's messing with us, isn't he?". Maybe I am....Maybe I amn't. It's up to you to decide.

*Authors Note* This Made up Monday post should be considered for adults only as it involves sexual situations. sexual situation.


Dateline: Brazil.

A woman is fed up with her worthless husband, so she decides to divorce him. He refuses. That means the case would have to go to divorce court, and much of the couples assets would be lost to lawyer fees. This was unacceptable.


So she decided to do the only logical thing; her husband must die.

Now, this woman was a creative soul, and no normal murder would suffice. He had to be killed in a way where she would not be a suspect. So she decided to poison him.


She spent the next few months perfecting her plan, going over all the potential things that could go wrong over and over in her head. While she was doing her planning, she also made it look like she was working to fix the marriage. Her thinking was if they appeared to be happy, no one would suspect her.

Finally, she had it all worked out. She decided her preferred poison would be arsenic. The reason being it was readily available as a rat poison.


Knowing that if her husband dies from arsenic poisoning, things like food and drink around the house would be tested. So she couldn't use those. Instead, she came up with a clever method of transmitting the poison to him.

She filled her vagina with it.

On the night she decided to kill him, she became coy and seductive. Getting her husband in the mood wasn't that difficult, and shortly they were ready to head to the bedroom.


She excused herself to 'freshen up, and while in the bathroom, inserted the arsenic into the vagina. She went back to the bedroom and asked her husband for oral sex. He was more than happy to oblige.

This is where her plan collapsed on her. She didn't count on her husband detecting a strange smell when he positioned himself to begin.


Becoming concerned, he scooped her up and took her to the hospital.

At the hospital, two things were discovered. One, the arsenic. Two, had she not been taken to the hospital, she would have been the one to die and not him. The arsenic would have been absorbed into her blood, while he wouldn't ingest any because, well....the smell. And taste.


So my minions, did I make it up, or is it true? Is it so whacked out it has to be true, or so whacked out it has to be made up?

I'll answer tomorrow. I'll also supply you with more oddity fodder for you to read and kill a few minutes of your humdrum day.

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