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Otters Oddities


Halloween isn't for another month and a half, but I found this picture, and I'm using it. Because I think it's neat-o.


Neat-o is too a word! Shut-up!

Today is a nifty day. Don't like nifty either, huh? Swell? Keen?

Aw, forget you and your picky usage of words. If I want to talk like a nerd from the 50's, I can. And I will! And if you don't like it, too bad.

Ok, pointless rant over.

Today is Friday. And if it's the last day of the work week for you, yay! If not, sucks to be you. I have a lazy weekend planned, and I think I'm going to get an early start.


No, no, no.....I'm not taking a round about way to inform you that I'm not doing an oddities post. I have one. But it won't be one of my longer ones.

But, it is deep. By that, I mean it'll make you think.

Todays subject is darkness. And this oddity will blow you away.

Turn off the lights, and you can see it getting darker. Remove all light, and all you can see is darkness. Or, can you? Can you really see darkness?


When you're in a totally dark room, you can't see anything. You aren't seeing the dark, because you can't 'see' dark.

Some will say that darkness is just an absence of light. And, they are right. But if you remove something, something else has to fill the void, right? Unless you remove something from an absolute vacuum, something has to take the place of whatever you remove. If you remove light, something has to take it's place.


We call that something 'darkness'.

But even though something called darkness replaces the light, there is nothing there. Light is made up of particles. Dark isn't. Dark is just an absence of those particles.


Part of what makes dark so confusing is light. Light is invisible. You can not see light. If you are in the vacuum of space and someone turns on a light, if you are standing at a right angle to the beam, you will see nothing. You will have no way of telling if the light was turned on or not. Because light is not visible.

What you see is what light hits, not the actual light.

Color is just a portion of light. A beam of light contains all the colors of the spectrum. If you shine a light on a blue wall, it's not actually a blue wall. It's a wall coated in a material that absorbs all the light except the blue spectrum. It reflects that back to your eyes. Something black reflect non of the spectrum back, something white reflects it all.


But here's the rub; Turn off the light and you will see it get noticeably darker. So darkness is the one thing that doesn't exist that you can see.

But, if you can see it, it must exist, right?

Aw snap! Otter went all philosophical on you today!

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