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Sometimes, I just like to sit on the dock, down by the Lake.....

Aw....schtoopid image search! I meant lake, as in body of water, not lake, as in nice body made up of mostly water...


Sometimes it's hard to find a good search engine, isn't it?

Sitting here, I just came up with a few jokes I could make about Lake Bell. None of them dirty, but all of them really bad. So bad that I won't even print them here.

If I think one of my jokes is bad, you know it has to be.

Anyway, this isn't a post about Lake Bell. Honestly, I don't even know what she's famous for, other than being an actress. Couldn't name one thing she's been in. But, I've heard the name, and it fit for my opening, so.....there you have it.


Todays post will be shorter than yesterdays. I didn't realize how long it was until after I was done, and I'm like....holy crap! This is along post!

I, personally, don't mind long posts. But I prefer to write the shorter ones so people don't tl;dr me.


Anyway! Lake! That's todays subject.

Specifically, the largest lake in the world. Can anyone guess what it is? I know you can't. Because there are three of them.


It all depends on who you are talking to when you ask the question, "What's the biggest lake in the world?" Depending on the criteria used, there are three. (really only one, but I'm biased. I'll explain in a bit...)

Those three lakes are, The Caspian Sea, Lake Superior, and Lake Baikal.

Allow me to explain each one in a little more detail.

Lake Baikal: Found in Siberia, Baikal is a rift lake, formed when two continental plates shifted. It is special for other reasons, though. It's the deepest lake anywhere, it's the oldest lake on the planet, and it's among the clearest lakes as well. It is the largest freshwater lake in the world, by volume.


Lake Superior: Nestled in northern North America, bordered by Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and Ontario, Superior is one f the five Great Lakes. It was formed by glaciers carving out softer rock into the landscape. It is the largest freshwater lake in the world, by area.

Caspian Sea: Crammed into an area bordered by Iran, Kazakstan, Turkmenistan, Russia and Azerbaijan, the Caspian sea isn't, geologically, a lake. It's an ocean. However, since it is entirely landlocked, and the upper half is freshwater due to the steady inflow of runoff, there are some who will call it a lake. More about this one later.


When people talk about the largest lake, most talk about surface area. And that means, Lake Superior. Generally, that is the answer people will give when asked, and it's the one most experts will agree on. As long as you say largest.

If you say biggest, then Baikal gets the nod. Baikal has more water, so it's bigger, but it's not as large as Superior.


I prefer Superior though, as it's only 2 1/2 hours away. Been there many times, and must say, it's a beautiful area. Baikal is in Siberia. Sure, the scenery is nice, I'm sure, but it's Siberia.....

As for the Caspian Sea, I don't consider it a lake. It's mostly saline, even if it's only about 1/3 as salty as the Atlantic. It's not recognized as an ocean, even though it should be, by experts. So, what exactly is the Caspian Sea? it's name implies, it's a sea. Not quite an ocean, but saltier than a lake.


Look at the other seas out there, The Black, The Dead, The Mediterranean....all are salty. So is the Caspian.

But, like I said earlier, there are those who say, since it's land locked, it should be a lake.


Then again, there are those who say Superior is a sea and not a lake, even though it's not salty.

Anyway, I hope I have confused you more than you were when it comes to which is the biggest lake in the world.

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