শুভ শ্রম দিবস!

HYVÄÄ Vapunpäivä!



You get the idea, right? (French, Belorussian, Bengali, Finish, Greek and Zulu)

National holiday today. Got to take the day off. But, do you know why we get the day off? Yeah, yeah....it's to celebrate the worker. (sounds kind of commie to me...)

But really, it is. A vice president of a workers union suggested a national day to celebrate workers, and Oregon was the first state to adopt the idea. The federal government made it a national holiday in 1894.

But why? Back then the government was on the side of the rich business owners. Why celebrate the little guy who wanted nothing but to unionize?

Because the gub'mint has always been heavy handed.

It's true.

The Pullman Company had a problem. It's workers went on strike. Because Pullman made the super-awesome railroad cars the rich fat-cats like to travel in.


So the rich jumped all over the politicians they had bought and got them to call out the army. Which they did. You have to give them credit, once bought, the 19th century politicos stayed bought.

So the army was deployed, and proceeded to massacre several workers while putting down the strike.

The politicians who sent the army said "Um...those people we had killed....aren't they the ones who elect us? Oops...". So they rushed a piece of legislation through both congress and the senate, and sent it to President Cleveland to sign.


The legislation was to formalize Labor Day as a national holiday on the first Monday in September. And since it was a national holiday, everyone got the day off with pay!

President Cleveland signed the bill into law 6 days after the army broke the Pullman strike.

So, we get a day off because some businessmen convinced some corrupt politicians to send the army out to kill some meddlesome strikers, and the politicians wanted to keep their jobs.


Now, before I sign off, remember, this is Monday. Made Up Monday, to be exact. Did I just make that up, or is it the real reason we have Labor Day off?