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Otters Oddities


Jokes are the food of the mind. Without food, the mind dies. And jokes are the only food you need.


Some would say knowledge is food for the mind, but they are wrong. Jokes are the food you need. Because.....reasons!

I would tell you the reasons, but I frankly don;t feel like it.

Hello? I'm lazy, remember?

Today I have a short oddity for you. Yeah, I know. Another short one. But hey....yesterdays was tl;dr, right?

See, the problem is, all summer at the school district where I'm the tech, it's been slow. That's because the teachers have all been gone. Sure, I did a bunch of stuff, and it was nice not having anyone around to bother me. but now, all the teachers are back because we start on Tuesday. And all the issues they could have told me about in June, they held off until this week.

Hey wait.....what day is it? Do I make up a fact today or not? Oh yeah.....It's Friday. That means I have to tell the truth today. But, if I remember correctly, Monday is a national holiday. Should I take the day off, or should I post a Made Up Monday? You tell me in the comments.


But on to todays oddity. It has to do with corn. But it has nothing to do with the fact that you sometimes see corn in....ANYWAY! Moving on.

The opening picture has a joke. I find it mildly humorous, but I would describe it another way: Corny. (pun was just sitting there...I had to....)


Corny. Ever wonder why we call some jokes corny? It's actually a short story, and that's why it's just a short oddity tonight. (I'm padding this as much as I can, can you tell?)

What is a crony joke? Most people will call a joke corny when it's a groaner, not funny, one their dad tells, punny, or a combination of all of those.


Officially, a corny joke is a pun. A bad pun to be specific. Terribly bad puns.

We get the word from the late 19th century.

Back then, farmers used to pick out their seeds from a catalogue. They would then go into town to the local farm store and place their orders, which would be delivered at a later date.


The catalogues would come out in the fall, sometime after the harvest to give the farmers time to get their delivery. The problem was, reading through a catalogue full of nothing but seeds was kind of boring.

So, the publishers of the catalogues would insert jokes among the seed descriptions to keep the farmers interest. This led to another problem: people who wrote corn seed catalogues didn't write very good jokes. They were mostly puns, and they weren't even good puns.


The jokes were so terrible that they established their own category of joke: The Corn Catalogue Joke.

But, people are lazy. After a short time, instead of saying "Golly Zeke, that sure was a Corn Catalogue Joke you just told.", they shortened it to "That sure was a corny joke, Zeke. Tell it again and I'll kill you dead until you die to death!"


Padding.....the saviour of bad bloggers with nothing important to write about.

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