Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.
Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

Otters Oddities

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Those magnificent men in their flying machines, they go up-tiddly-up-up, they go down-tiddly-down-down...


Oh yes old boy, I say, what what?

Yes, pip-pip, cherio and all that, what?

Oh, it's so much fun to mock the stereotypical English Gentleman from the early 20th century. I mean, I know it's not politically correct, but I say old bean, that's just a load of cods-wollop! If someone thinks you're trying to do a genuine representation of an English person, well....they need to go back to school so they can learn about something called funny.


But then, I'm not one to get all tied up in a knot when someone from another country makes fun of Americans. After all, 90% of what they say is true. We are a gun-loving, fat-assed, getting-lazy, bunch of backwards, uncivilized people. We're arrogant, bossy, pushy, demanding, hypocritical, devious and devoted to the almighty dollar. And our government is full of idiots who want to ruin the world so they can fool us Americans into thinking they are running America well. (and I don't care what side you prefer. Both sides are ruining everything. STOP IT! No nasty comments, because you know it's true. Neither side is willing to actually WORK with the other side to come up with a solution to a problem that will work)

But anyway, this isn't a post about how much fun it is to make fun of another cultures stereotypes. (it's a lot of fun)


What am I doing? It's Tuesday! I need to Tell The Truth! because it's Tell The Truth Tuesday! (insert gif of Kermit the Frog flailing his arms and yelling "YAAYYY!!!!!!")

So, yesterday I told you how scientists are starting to think the Plague of Athens back in 430 BCE was actually ebola. No one believed me. (well, no one as of now, on Monday night as I type this).


That's too bad. Because I was telling you the truth.

If you go and read up on the plague, the way they describe how the victims suffered is almost identical to how victims of ebola suffer. Everything from how long it takes to go from exposure to onset of symptoms, to presentation of symptoms, to how long it took to die.


While we can never know what exactly caused the plague, like I said, the general feeling amongst the people who study this type of thing is that ebola was a likely cause. (note: there are some in the same community who still say it was typhus, but typhus presents it's self differently than how the plague did.)

But, on to todays subject.

And it involves a magnificent man and his flying machine. And his son.

The man was Ray Buduick, and his son was Martian. Ray was a lawyer, and to relieve the stress of lawyering people, he took up a hobby. He learned how to fly.


No, not like Super-Duper Man, but in a plane. He also bought himself a plane so he could fly whenever he wanted to. And he found himself wanting to quite frequently. And he lived in the perfect place for it.

Ray and his family owned a home just outside Honolulu, on the Island of Oahu. Lawyering was good, so one Sunday, before church, Ray and Martian decided to go for a quick fly over the island to bask in the beautiful scenery.


When they took off, everything was just grand. It was a beautiful morning. The weather was quite pleasant, even for Hawaii. And although it was early December, when you're in paradise, it doesn't get cold.

Ray had to pilot carefully to avoid flying over the military bases that dot the island. While they wouldn't shoot him down, it was frowned on. And the authorities discouraged it. But, since it was 1941, if you did fly over a base, unless you made a habit of it, you would just receive a visit from the military politely asking you to not do it again.


As Ray and his son finished up a slow turn, they saw something they didn't expect: another plane. That was unusual for this time of day. But it wasn't unheard of, either. But, not too many people got out of bed early enough so they could be in the air at 7:45 in the morning.

No, that one plane they saw wasn't all that unusual. It was the hundreds of other planes behind that first one that made them do a double take.


While they were trying to make sense of what they were seeing, they notices a few of the planes were headed in their direction. And, why are there little blinky lights flashing at us?

Rays plane was riddled by the product of those little blinky lights. While he was still trying to figure out what was going on, and while he found himself suddenly fighting to keep his injured plane aloft, he noticed a big, red, meatball on the sides of the planes. What were the Japanese doing? And why were they chasing him?


Miraculously, Ray managed to land his plane safely. Neither Ray or Martian were hurt in the attack.

But Ray Bukuick was the first American pilot to face off with the Japanese on December 7th, 1941 near the US naval base at Pearl Harbor.

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