Have you ever been looking for something, but then found something else?

And the something else had absolutely nothing to do with what you were originally looking for. But once you saw it, your brain stopped functioning?

It's kind of like when you're talking with someone, and something happens that renders you speechless.

Like, being at the bar, chatting up your friends, when a drunk person stops about 3 feet away from you, looks at you, nods, drops their drawers and takes a dump on the floor.


You're like, 'Um....WTF?'. You try to ignore it and go back to your original conversation, but your brain is frozen. You don't remember what you were talking about. What you just saw shocked you so much you no longer can act like a functioning human being.

That happened to me tonight. I'm sitting here at my iMac and researching a subject for Thursdays oddity post. I came up with a subject and looked it up. Then I decided I needed to go to youtube to find a video of it so I could better describe it to you.


While I was there, there was a link to another video. I don't know why I clicked on it, but I did. And now, I don't remember what my original subject was. All I can think of is the 2-something minutes of.....whatever the hell it was I just watched.

So, today, for an unusual oddity, I'm just going to post the video and see if you guys can explain it to me. Because my brain has effectively shut it's self down.


This isn't a normal oddity post, and in truth, I should just take a break to restart my brain and write a regular post and forward this on to Dan for his 'I Found It On The Internet' post on Friday.

But it's 8:15 at night and my alarm goes off at 4:30. So here is your oddity for today.