Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.
Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.
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CHEERSH!!!!! Ooops.....shpilled my zhrinky-poo...........

Don't you hate it when that happens? Perfectly good alky-haul gets wasted. That's a crime that should be labeled a felony.


But, if you must clink glasses to make a toast, do it right! If you touch glasses at the rim, you run the very real risk of breaking the glasses. And that is bad. Think of the poor, wasted booze. Instead, clink them towards the bottom of the glass. Not only are the glasses stronger there, but you run less of a risk of spilling your precious booze.

But before we go any further, let me welcome you to toady. What is today? Why, August 4th, of course. It was 100 years ago today that Germany invaded Belgium on it's way to France at the start of the most, second most, third most deadly war in the worlds history.

And on this day 70 years ago, an informant went to the Gestapo and snitched about a family that was living in secret in a warehouse in Amsterdam. The Gestapo raided, and Anne Frank and her family were taken into custody and sent to Bergen-Belsen. (the family was transported later to Auschwitz where Anne died less than a month before the British liberated the camp. The father, Otto, was the only one to survive.)

It's also President O's birfday.

Oh, and it's MADE UP MONDAY! Am I lying or not? You tell me!

And let's jump right in to it, shall we?

Why do we clink glasses together? Some say it's to scare the devil away. The greatest evil is apparently afraid of the sound two glasses make when tapped together, or something.


Well, we know some people, (specifically those who believe that), are wrong.

No, the truth is more different. Wait....that's bad grammar. Aw, fugit....who cares about my grammar? Me sure doesn't.


The truth is, back several hundred years ago, people were mean to each other. They regularly tried to kill one another by poisoning their wine or ale. (it was a thing, I guess. Stabby with a swordy was too messy.)

But sometimes, you wanted to conduct legitimate conversation with your enemy/rival/people you didn't care for. So, to show that your guests drink wasn't poisoned, the host would offer up his empty mug and the guest would pour in some of the drink. The host would drink it, and prove there was no poison.


As things settled down, (read: people discovered other ways to kill people other than poison), it evolved into slamming your mug together, causing the drink to slosh out and mix. (mugs were typically wooden or metal and could handle the abuse). As people got more civilized, the host would offer up his mug or glass, and the guest would just tap theirs against the host to show that they trusted them.

Now, we continue the practice as a way of celebrating others by clicking glasses after a toast.


So, am I full of it, or is that really why we clink glasses?

Stay tuned for the answer tomorrow! As for me, I'm going to go make some buffalo wings.....

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