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Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.
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Otters Oddities

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Many things have changed in the generations since humans first walked the plains of Africa:

  • Bathrooms were used for pooping, not picture taking.
  • Disabled people used wheelchairs, not fat ones.
  • We didn't go to bars to meet women, we went to the kitchen.
  • A cream pie was something from your grandmothers kitchen.
  • Phones were used for calling people.
  • Vampires sucked blood, not each other.
  • You weren't a troll, you were a dick.
  • Walking was a mode of transportation, not exercise.

All right. I think I proved my point. And what was my point? It was that as time goes on, things change. And when things change, they don't always change for the better.


Remember when I said people used to wander the plains of Africa? They still do. But now it's just Africans and tourists who do the wandering. Long long ago, in the before time, everyone wandered Africa.*1

Back then, humans were hunter/gatherers. That means, we hunted and gathered for our food. We didn't have homes. We had places where we crashed. We stayed in one place only as long as the food lasted. Once the animals moved on and the fruits were all harvested, it was move or starve.


Talk to someone today, and they will probably tell you that the nomadic lifestyle of hunting and gathering was a hard life. And technology has made our lives much easier.

Sure. And purple monkeys pee from the clouds and we call it rain.

*Disclaimer* What you're about to read isn't exactly a fact. It's speculation. But it's very good speculation. And you may agree with it. Or you may not. I tend to agree with it, and I'm lazy. And that's what's odd about this....


The majority of people think we have it better now than our ancestors did. And, in some ways we do. But in many ways, we don't.

If we need food, we go to the store. We can buy whatever we want. Nowadays, the only restriction is your bank account. But that's why we work. To make money to buy stuff, like food.


But what about hunter/gatherers? If they got hungry, they went out and got their own food. The restrictions on them were tougher. They could only get what was in season, or what they could track and kill.

However, that was their work. While modern humans spend 8 hours a day working. Ancient man spent less than 4. And that includes the time spent making weapons to kill things with.


So, when you figure in commute times and other bull-crap you have to put up with, you spend over 1/3 of your day working. Your ancient ancestors spent a lot less.

But we have better medical care! If we get sick, we can go to the doctor and get cured!


Well, if you think about it, it's the advances humans have made that has caused a lot of the sicknesses that affect us today. They didn't have all the diseases like we did back then. So they didn't need to go to the doctor as much.

They also had cures of their own. Some worked and some didn't. but they did know how to relieve the aches and pains of daily life. And they had herbal cures for many ailments they did encounter. We still use some today.


Granted, humans live longer now than they did back then. But if you work 60 hours a week for 60 years, did you enjoy your longer life more than ancient man enjoyed his shorter one with extremely less work? And no bills?

Also, when we were hunting and gathering, society was equal. All the men went out and helped in the hunt, and all the women gathered the food together. It was all shared.


When we settled down, farmers who had more land and better crops could now afford to hire people to do the work for them. This created classes based on wealth. it also took a lot of status away from women. They went from being equal partners in sustaining the family to being relegated kitchen to cook for the man so he could run things.

Don't get me wrong, life back then was hard. But, was it any harder than life is today? I say no. The difficulty hasn't changed, only the challenges.


I'm of the opinion that life would have been very enjoyable way back when. If I lived back then, I can honestly say I would not miss any of the modern conveniences we have now. (none would have been invented yet, so you can't miss what doesn't exist...) I appreciate the modern world. (thank you flush toilet).

So there you have it. An oddity that wasn't so much an oddity as it is designed to make you think.


*1 - That is, if you believe the 'Out of Africa' hypothesis of human evolution.

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