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Why yes, I was an actor back in the 30's. In fact, if you're interested, I could show you my best work! Just follow me to my van......I have puppies and candy...

Yes. Yes I did just make a joke about Dopey being a creepy pedophile. I went there because I. AM. OTTERMANN! *breaks into smoking hot guitar riff*


Sorry. Got sidetracked. It's just...every time I write the words 'I am Ottermann', I say them in my head with a voice modulator and Ozzy just standing there.

Ok, so I'm weird. What else is new.

All right. Before I get too far into todays oddity, let's just get the pressing biddness out of the way.

Today is Tell The Truth Tuesday! And you finally get to find out if I lied yesterday.

I did. I lied like a rug. Lied so hard it made my fingers hurt! The truth of the matter is, Paley fired the brothers because of their attitude towards authority. Especially his, and that of his friend, Richard Nixon. Paley was considered a big shot amongst the big shots because of his connections. Such as his wife, whose name before they got married was Dorothy Hart Hearst. (yes....those Hearst's).


While Paley was a very philanthropic person, if he didn't like you, (ie. disagreed with his political opinions), he did his level best to destroy you. So Paley did have them fired, and they did win a breach of contract suit against him, it had nothing to do with yo-yos.

Ahhh! That's what I love about Made Up Mondays. There is so much actual oddness in the world, all I need to do is make it plausible to get people to believe it.


On to todays subject.

The picture that I led off with, I'm sure you all recognize. But, this isn't an oddity about Walt Disney. This is an oddity about that picture. Some of you may have noticed the initials A.H. in the bottom left corner.


Those would be the initials of the artist.

Adolf Hitler.

And not some guy who had the misfortune of being stuck with a horrible name. It was painted by the actual douche of Germany....I mean Fuhrer of Germany.


It was found painted on the back of a canvas that was a painting attributed to Hitler. The way it was initialed is consistent with his other known works. And Hitler was known to be a huge Disney fan.

Goebbels once gifted a box of Mickey Mouse items to Hitler, and it was said Hitler considered it the best gift he has ever received.


Hitler even owned his own copy of Snow White. (remember, this was in the days before VCRs and torrents. purchasing an actual copy of a movie was very expensive). Not only did he own his own copy, Hitler considered Snow White to be the greatest movie ever.

Just think, had he not been the 20th centuries biggest dick-bag, Hitler could have lived to become the first creepy man kicked out of Disney Land for just being creepy.


*Authors Note*

Did I mention I'm still on vacation?

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