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Otters Oddities

Those magnificent men in their flying machines....

Except, that guy isn't magnificent. He's dastardly. Dick Dastardly, to be exact.


And who was his sidekick?

Why, Mutltey, of course.

If you don't know who they are, I can't help you.

Well, I can help you, but I don;t know if I want to. I mean, if you don't remember 1970's Saturday morning cartoons, I just feel sad for you. Because the 1970's was the hey-day for Saturday morning cartoons. It was when they hit their prime. They were the best.

I mean, they continued on into the 80's, but they started going downhill then. Or I started getting older. Whatever. Doesn't matter. The 1970's is what I choose to remember as the hey-day of cartoons. I still watched them in the 80's, but they weren't as good. And the ones in the 90's just sucked. You might ask why they sucked, and the answer is simple; because I said they did! If you disagree, you're wrong! Sorry, but that's the way it is.

It's Monday, so you just need to deal with it and continue on with your day. Because, the afore mentioned facts are not open for discussion. It's the following facts you can decide to disagree with if you choose.


Because it's Made Up Monday! This is the hell...if you don't know how this works by now, there's no helping you.

Way back when, before we were all born, the German people were led by a very bad person. He was a megalomaniacal, racist, narcissistic, douche-bag. Unfortunately, he was also charismatic. And Germany was in a bad situation. His radical ideas were just what the poor Germans thought they needed. It wasn't until they voted him into power that they discovered how wrong they were.


In 1941, this idiot thought he could expand his conquest of Europe East. He hadn't yet subdued his main foe, England, but he ignored that. He decided to attack east, into Russia.

Stalin and Hitler had signed an non-agression pact. This meant they would go about their business and leave each other alone. Stalin held up his end by concentrating on Finland and leaving Germany alone. Which, for Stalin was showing a lot of restraint. Because Russias communist government was the opposite of Geermanys fascist government.


But in 1941, Hitler got stupid-er. He invaded Russia.

And, for the most part, it looked like his choice was the correct one. Germany steamrolled their way into Russian territory.


But, what he didn't count on was, Russia had a lot more land than Germany. The Russians could afford to give up land to the invading force while they reorganized their forces further back in Russia.

All this is fact. You can look it up and historians, almost to a tee, will call Hitler an idiot for attacking when he did. But that's not why we're here. We're here to determine if the next thing I tell you is true or not.


As the Russians pulled back, they took horrible losses. There was nothing they could do to stem the German tide.

Or was there?

The Russians started running out of men to throw in the path of the Germans, so they started conscripting women. And one of the first units they threw in the Germans path were a group of women they trained as pilots.


But, the Russians hadn't been able to fully ramp up their fighter factories yet. So they had the conundrum of needing to stop the German Luftwaffe, but not really having what they needed to do it.

So they trained a large group of women to fly the planes they did have; bi-plane crop dusters.


The women didn't receive a lot of training, as they weren't expected to last long. They were there to stall the Germans.

Except, the Russians found that the bi-planes top speed was slower than the Germans minimum speed.


The Germans had a very hard time knocking the planes out of the sky as they flew too fast to properly aim at them. They couldn't fly slow enough to take them down. And the Russians, even though they flew slow, had more time to aim and fire at the Germans, so they started knocking the Germans out by droves.

The Germans were too high tech to take out the Russians!

So my friends, tell me; was the first decisive blow the Russians made against the German onslaught because the Germans were too advanced technologically?


You tell me.

Because I'm not giving you the answer until tomorrow.

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