How can you tell if you're old and fat?

You never have to wear a shirt in public.

I know, that was a bad joke. Well, it wasn't so much bad, as it was stupid. And stupid is something I know a lot about.

Although, the lady in the picture isn't so much stupid as she is indifferent. She just doesn't care. And, good for he, I say.

She's a prime example of someone running out of fucks to give.You don't like it? Does she look like she gives a damn? So. She doesn't. She's ok with her look, why should anyone else care? If all the parts of he body are covered that society says should be covered, who are we to comment on her fashion choice? Jokes on us, in fact. She now has 50% less laundry to do.

But, there are those who would call her stupid. In fact, I found the picture when I Googled 'Stupid People' and clicked on the Images tab. (don't do it unless you have a lot of time to waste. There's some good stuff there.)


But it got me to thinking: A lot of people can't tell the difference between 'stupid' and'I just don't give a damn'. Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of stupid people out there. Hell, I'll freely admit I can be counted amongst their numbers, sometimes. We all can. And, I'll be honest and admit, I don't care. I stopped caring about what others think of me a long time ago. I prefer people like me, but if they don't, or if they think I'm stupid, it doesn't bother me. Why should it? I am me, and me likes I.

So, when people are stupid, I try to be lenient on them. Because everyone is allowed to be stupid sometimes. Also, whet I consider to be stupid, other think is really smart. For example, I work with someone who refuses to believe that life exists anywhere else in the Universe because the bible doesn't mention it. He refuses to watch science fiction movies because they have aliens, and featuring aliens goes against the bible. (yet he watches porn like there's no tomorrow...)

It's not his disbelief in alien life forms that I find to be stupid. He's entitled to his belief, and so far, there's nothing to contradict him. No, what I find stupid is the fact that he wont watch a movie that has an alien in it because, as he says, 'The whole premise is absurd and unbelievable'. Yet, over the top action movies, like The Fast And The Furious are amongst his favorites. It's his refusal to believe in one absurdity while accepting another that I have issues with.


But hey, stupid is as stupid does, right? (he also thinks Forrest Gump is based on a real person...)

Anyway, moving on to the date, it's June 30th! We're half way through 12014. And it's Monday. And we all know what Monday means! It's Made Up Monday! True or false, it's your guess!

And todays subject has to do with stupidity. Stupidity on our legal system, to be exact. (yeah, you think this is going to be easy...)


We all know about stupid lawsuits. Like the guy who sued Anheuser-Busch in the 90's for false advertising. Budweiser had commercials where someone would buy a case of beer, and two beautiful women would appear. When a Michigan man bought the beer and the women didn't magically show up, he sued. (and lost)

How about Robert Lee Brock, who in 1995 was an inmate in a Virginia prison. He filed a lawsuit against himself for 5 million dollars claiming he violated his own civil rights by committing the crime that caused him to wind up in prison. He also claimed that since he was a ward of the state, the state was responsible for paying his demands. (he didn't even make it to court)

Then there was a woman in Israel who sued the local weather man because it rained on a day he said it wouldn't. Stupid lawsuit, yes. Stupider judgement, she won. ($1,000 for 'pain and suffering')


Those are all real and actual lawsuits. Now I'm going to tell you about another lawsuit, and you tell me if it's true or false, real stupid or made up stupid. GO!

In 2001, PETA, (People for the Eating of Tasty Animals, or something like that), held a protest in Vermont over that states deer hunting season. I don't need to tell you why they were protesting. Although, deer hunters eat their kills, so I'm not sure why it's bad. But whatever...

On their way home, while driving through New Jersey, a deer ran out in front of their car. As usually happens, the car and deer tried to occupy the same spot at the same time, and that just doesn't work. While the two people in the car were fine, the deer wasn't so lucky. Neither was the car. It was totaled.


So, the two members of Peta did what all stupid people do, they sued the New Jersey Department of Wildlife. What was the basis of their claim? The Department of Wildlife didn't allow for enough deer to be taken during their hunting seasons to prevent the deer from overpopulating the wilderness, causing them to become a hazard to the public.

To make matters worse, they were represented in court by Petas own lawyers who argued that New Jersey didn't kill enough deer to keep the public safe.

So friends, did Peta, fresh off the protesting of the killing of deer, sure New Jersey because they didn't kill enough deer?


Stay tuned for Tell The Truth Tuesday to find out.