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Clever Girl....

If you think about it, the difference between good and bad is relative. What I consider to be good, you may consider to be bad. And that goes for everything from flavor, to music, to behavior.


But how can that be? It's because people are different, and we all think differently.

Consider this: as a society we have laws set to define good and bad. And we need them. Because what some people see as bad, others have no problem with. For example, murder.

Lee Harvey Oswald killed John Kennedy. Jack Ruby killed Oswald. There are those out there that don't see Oswalds killing to be murder. The see it as justice. The dude needed killing, right?

But, just as Kennedys killing was murder, so was Oswalds. But if you ask people, especially those that remember it first hand, they will express outrage over Kennedys murder, but not Oswalds.


And theft. Is stealing a mans wallet so you can get drugs the same as stealing a mans hamburger because your kids are starving the same thing? Sorry, but it is. Theft is theft. And anyone who says differently is applying different standards to different people, and that's discrimination.

And that's why the justice system seems unfair a lot of time. We see people who are, what we would consider, basically good get sent to prison for doing something we understand and sympathize with.


We call that, extenuating circumstances. Yes, the person broke the law, but they had a good reason. And, so people want us to consider extenuating circumstances when we consider punishments for deeds society has decided are bad.

However, since we are all human, we all think. And since we are all individuals, we all think differently. And that's how we end up with what some see as fair and others as an injustice. An example? Affluenza. (a teen in Texas killed 4 while driving drunk and receives rehab because his affluence meant he was sheltered his whole life and didn't understand the consequences of his actions)


To some, that was a fair sentence. The kid didn't know any better, and therefore, why should he pay for one bad decision for the rest of his life.

To others, it was complete and utter bullshit. Just another case of a rich person getting off because they were rich.


So, what does any of this have to do with a picture of a chicken in some bushes?

Not a damn thing. I just needed some filler before I got to the point of todays post. Good vs bad seemed acceptable. But I think I've rambled enough, so I'll move on to todays subject.


Welcome to Made Up Mondays! I give you a fact, you decide if it's true or not. Let's get to it, shall we?

Some of you may have caught the reference in todays picture and caption. It's a chicken, looking at the camera, while partially hidden in some foliage. And the caption is, "Clever girl....". It's clearly a reference to Jurassic Park.


Remember? The Velociraptors hd escaped when Nedry shut down the security, and the parks head ranger went out to catch them, and they tricked him by luring hi into an ambush? And when he realized he was toast, he said, "Clever girl." right before the Velociraptors eviscerated him for lunch.

Well, too bad that isn't actually the way it would have happened.

Velociraptors were solo. There has never been an instance of more than one velociraptor being found in any one location. So, based on the evidence found so far, we're forced to conclude that velociraptors lived and hunted alone.


Not only that, but, and this probably won't come as much of a surprise, but velociraptor also had feathers. Recent finds have suggested than many dinosaurs most likely had some feathers, velociraptor included.

But those are not the facts you have to ponder on. They are the truth. No, what you get to consider is the next fact.


The ranger in Jurassic Park, even if he had been confronted with a velociraptor, wouldn't have been in very much danger. See, velociraptors were the chickens of the Jurassic era. At full size, it would have been no more than three feet tall. And they were slow and clumsy. They were so slow, a toddler would have been able to out run them. And as for clumsy, their legs closely resemble those of a modern turkey. So, if the ranger had seen the raptor and just started moving away at a fast walk, he would have been fine.

Ok Noisers, true or false? Velociraptors: Big chickens? Yes or no?

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