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Otters Oddities

Want to know something funny? What you can't see is the 12 bags of concrete in the trunk.

When you look at that picture, what is the first thing that comes to mind.

Be honest. The only one you're fooling is yourself.

Was it, "Hey...I've done that!", or something similar?

There is, of course, a story behind this picture. The person driving the car lived about an hour away from the store. So, instead of doing the sensible thing, like renting a trailer, they decided to load up everything in one trip.


One word comes to mind: cookies.

AHHhhhh,,, thought I was going to say stupid, didn't you? Well, I have news for you. Cookies beat stupid anyday. Unless they're Walnut-raisin cookies. And if you make walnut-raisin cookies, I weep for you.

Speaking of stupid, though, that one word describes todays oddity. Because, it's stupid. I mean, pointless-stupid. And, stupid-stupid. Plus it's odd, so....there's that.

How many of you have ever heard of a Yooper? I know some of you have. But for those who haven't, a Yooper is someone who lives in Michigans Upper Peninsula. Upper Peninsula. U.P. YooPer. Get it?


There are some, mostly the Yoopers themselves, who call themselves the south of the north. Hillbilly and redneck are ways they describe themselves. Sometimes. One thing they will all agree on is, Yoopers are a unique bunch. Have you ever been to a roadside attraction featuring an enormous ball of twine? That's someone who is saving up money to move to the U.P.

But I promised you stupid, and stupid you shall have.

There's a place. It's an unusual place. It's a tourist trap. A tourist trap that's not ashamed of it's self. It's so proud to be a tourist trap, it's called, 'Da Yoopers Tourist Trap'. And, like all tourist traps, it's full of kitschy crap. It also features two items designed to suck the tourists in. One is dumb. Like, insanely dumb. And impractical.


It's called 'Big Gus'. Big Gus is a chainsaw. A working chainsaw. With a 23 foot long blade, and is powered by a V-8 engine. It does work. However, on the few occasions when they power it up, they won't rev it up to full speed out of fear the chain will come off and kill, like, the midwest.

Big Gus isn't stupid, though. It's just dumb. No, for stupid, we need to look at the other main attraction. And that would be 'Big Ernie'.


Contrary to any opinions formed about me from my posts, I'm actually a fairly sensible guy. I understand about things like limits. I might ignore them, especially when it comes to good taste, but I understand them. And Big Ernie not only pushes the limits, it goes way beyond them into the realm of stupidity.

Big Ernie is the worlds largest rifle. Oh...I'm sorry. I forgot to add the word 'working' to that sentence. Big Ernie is the worlds largest working rifle. Certified by Guiness, even.


It's based on an old percussion rifle from the civil war. It's about 33 feet long and it's caliber is...well....stupid. There are military guns, artillery and naval guns that are larger, but those aren't stupidly stupid. (ok...Big Bertha was insanely stupid...). It's caliber isn't actually measured.

When fired, they just found a rock that was about the right size and wrapped it up in duct tape. When fired, the projectile travelled 2 and a half miles. The shock wave broke windows in the closest farm house, and the recoil knocked Big Ernie off it's stand. Did I say stand? It's actually a long bed truck.


Anyway, it is my humble opinion that Big Ernie is taking gun rights a bit too far. I mean, I'm all for legal ownership of guns. But there should be the requirement that you can actually fire the weapon without the assistance of a long bed truck.

But that's just me.

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