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Otters Oddities

Wait.....did I hear someone getting ready to let me in? Oooohhhh.....I hope so! I can't wait!

Ah yes, that feeling we all know too well. The feeling that you know something is going to happen, and you know what it'll be, but it hasn't happened yet. But it will. Soon. Just, not quite yet.


As kids, we experienced it in December. The later in the month, the more we knew it was coming. You didn't want to think about it, but you couldn't help it. Christmas was close, and you were going to get presents. Just, not quite yet.

Or, those nice days in May. You knew summer vacation was close. The grass was green again, the trees had leaves, the days were longer and warmer. But, it wasn't here yet.

That feeling? Well, it's also the title of the painting I used for todays post: Anticipation.

Somethings coming, you know it's coming, you just can't stand to wait any longer.....but you have to. That's anticipation.


On the flip side of it, there's also bad anticipation. Usually when you screwed up. Like that time you broke a window. You knew you were going to get in trouble. You knew you'd be yelled at. You knew you'd be grounded. You knew you'd have to fork over your allowance to pay for it. But not quite yet.

And that's what todays oddities post is all about; Anticipation.

See you tomorrow.

*Authors Note*

Yup, really. That's it. Allow me to explain. Tomorrow is huge. And because it's huge, I'm working on an extra special oddities post. So, instead of half-assing todays, I just decided to build up a bit of anticipation for you.


You know a oddities post is coming. You know it'll be odd. You know it'll be good.

But not quite yet.

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