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Fossils again? Didn't we just get a fossil post, like, 3 months ago?

The good new is, that's not a picture of fossils. The bad news is, yes. this is another post about fossils.


But, it's a fossil post unlike any of my other fossil posts. So, don't go away yet. Besides, I haven't revealed yesterdays answer yet.

Any of you who read this post regularly know I have a thing for fossils. There's nothing wrong with that. Everyone has to have a hobby. Collecting fossils is better than collecting, say, parking tickets. Or ear wax. (yes, I am sorry to say, there are people who claim to collect ear wax. But it's the internet, so they could be lying)

People ask me why I spend money on rocks. Because it's my money, and I like the rocks. Or, I like what the rock contains. Or, what has become rock along with the rest of the rock. I can hold, in my hand, something that was alive half a billion years ago. Or in the case of my stromatolite, over a billion years old.

I even have a fossilized poop. Pewp! Dookie! Turd! Number 2! Kaka!

But my fossils are besides the point today. Today I am going to tell you about someone elses fossils. Or, what he thought were fossils.


You see, I'm going to tell you the tale of a troll. Two trolls, actually. And their level of trolling make 4chan look like n00bz.

But first, the answer to yesterdays Made Up Monday.

I.....tricked you! HAHA! Agnetha Faltskog was not born as part of the Lebensborn program. Her band-mate Fryda Lyngstad was. Fryda was the brunette female singer in ABBA. So, I took something true, but changed it to make it false! Hahahahaha! I'm a dick, aren't I? So if you guessed true, you were wrong. And if you guessed false, you were right.


Anyway, back to trolling 101.

In the early 1700's, strange bones of all shapes and sizes were being found. It was obvious that they belonged to creatures never before seen. But, this was a time when the church still dominated science. The typical scientist of the era had the bible as one of his reference books. And, since the bible said nothing about creatures that no longer existed, these bones couldn't exist.


But they did. And they were right there for everyone to see. So, the scientists that followed church doctrine came up with a theory. God buried them to test the faith of the human race. They literally believed that God was fucking with man to see if they believed or not.

While many scientists believed that ridicules theory, many did not. One that did believe was, Johann Beringer. And two that didn't believe were J. Ignatz Roderick and Georg von Eckhart. All three of them worked as naturalists at the University of Wurzburg.


Beringer believed the bones were "hidden by the author of nature himself."

Roderick and von Eckhart decided it was time to do something about Beringer's misguided belief. So they did something absolutely evil.


They collected some chunks of limestone and patiently carved fake fossils in them. (see above photo for examples). These fossils were impossible. And to any rational person, it would be obvious they were fake. Then they planted them where they knew Beringer would find them.

And find them he did. He thought he was the luckiest fossil hunter around. He took them back to his lab to study. And Roderick and von Eckhart presumably bust their diaphragms trying not to laugh.


So what did they do? They made more fossils. And this time, they used Babylonian, Hebrew and Syrian inscriptions on them. Including the word Jehovah. And, again, they planted then where Beringer would find them.

And again, find them he did. The inscriptions were proof to Beringer that they were created by the hand of God to test the faith of the people. He had to share the news. So he wrote a book. In the book he stated the fossils were so perfectly proportioned to the stones that they must have been sculpted by the divine being.


Well, the publishing of the book is not what Roderick and von Eckhart thought Beringer would do. They tried to warn him. Before the book was published, they admitted their hoax to Beringer. He didn't believe them. He thought they were trying to stop the publication to prevent the truth about Gods making the fossils from coming out.

They finally created more fossils, except they inscribed Beringers name on one, and left it where it would be dug up.


When Beringer found it, reality washed over him like a wave of puke from the mouth of a leviathan.So he did what any modern person who was exposed as being a fool would do; He sued Roderick and von Eckhart. And he also tried to buy up all the copies of his book to try and salvage his reputation.

Sadly, the story doesn't have a happy ending. Roderick and von Eckhart found themselves shunned by the scientific community because of the prank they had played. Beringer, despite being an obviously incompetent scientist, wrote a further 5 books and managed to keep his reputation.


But, that's some masterful trolling right there. And I've trolled a few people myself. Hell, most of my replies to your posts are bordering on being considered trollish. (I'm a smart ass by nature. Sue me.) ((no, don't. I don't want to be sued))

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