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Otters Oddities

Now, how the heck did Gilligan and the crew make huts out of that?

You did realize that the huts on Gilligan's Island were made out of bamboo, right? And, what is that? A Bamboo Tablet, by Wacom.... Do I really have to spell it out for you?


Hang on....*Mmphff* Nomnomnom.......Ahhh. That's-a spicy meat-a-ball!

All got me. I'm enjoying my diner while typing. I don't normally do that. Food+keyboard=new keyboard. But tonight, I'm multi tasking. I was visiting OtterPop today, (he's doing great. he's in rehab already and they think he'll come home Thursday), and I didn't get lunch, so I'se starving.

Now, where was I? Oh yeah....

Bamboo, (the plant, not the tablet. The tablet was for humor..), is a very common plant around the world. It will grow in almost any location. Including where I live in Wisconsin. Bamboo, (some of the herbaceous varieties), can withstand temps down to -20 F.


For many cultures, bamboo was vital to their success. After all, you can eat it, build houses with it, make tools with it, and even burn it for heat. It's a very handy plant to have around.

And, luckily for the people that use it, they won't ever run out. It's also the fastest growing plant on the planet. If conditions are perfect, bamboo has been observed to grow 98 inches in one day. It's typical growth rate, however, is more like 1.5 - 4 inches a day.


And now, since it's Monday, we come to the fun part. This is the point where you get to decide if I'm lying or not. But that's why it's called Made Up Monday, right?

Did otter actually eat meatballs for diner?


Bamboo forests can contain millions of trees, all closely packed. Some bamboo can reach heights of 50 feet! That means bamboo can go from seed to full grown tree in about 10 months.


What can you do, slacker?

So there you go. Truth or lie?

Stay tuned for the answer tomorrow. Plus an oddity so incredible, even I have no idea what it is yet!

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