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They say a mans home is his castle. I guess every castle needs a throne.

Now, I know, and you know, that the picture is a toilet. But there are some who call it the throne. I know some. I really wish they wouldn't, but what are you gong to do?


A true throne is just a big chair. Sure, it's fancy, and had gold and jewels, but it's still just a chair. And judging by some that I've seen, not all were very comfortable.

So, who would be pretentious enough to spend a small fortune on a chair?

Why, royalty, of course.

And, what's more useless there days: royalty or a picture window in Stevie Wonders living room?

Let's face it, modern day royalty is mostly figureheads who are kept because of tradition. They don't generally have much power. Unless you call cutting the ribbon at a new mall opening power. (I don't)

But, I don't have any real problem with royalty. Heck, I myself am distantly related to the Norwegian royal family. (So are a lot of you, without even knowing it, but that's a story for later). Fear not my Norwegian friends; I'm currently about, 34,902th in line for the throne. (I did say distantly related....)


But there is something that anyone can do, but no one does because it's associated with royalty. The only time you hear it talked about is when talking about royalty, or when you're feeling extremely snooty and want to impress someone with your verbal skills. (It never just makes people think you're a douche)

I'm referring, of course, to abdication.

Now, like I said, anyone can abdicate. It means 'to give up'. So, technically, you can abdicate your use of cigarettes. Or you can abdicate responsibility for making diner to someone who can actually cook.


However, when you hear of abdication, it's generally in reference to some king or queen. When they abdicate, it means they quit. They step down and allow someone else to assume the throne. Currently Chuck is waiting patiently for Betsy to abdicate so he can hold a crown up with his ears.

But it's not as simple as that for Betsy. While every other king, queen, prince, count, marquis, or whatever want's to skirt their mall opening duties, they abdicate. (peons like us just quit).


Except for the British royalty. They can't just up and abdicate their job. And it's further proof that they are just figureheads. See, the British monarch needs permission to abdicate. They need to have a resolution passed by parliament to be able to step down. Otherwise, they can quit all they want, but they're still the ruling monarch.

So, gone are the days when the king, (or queen), ruled with an iron fist. Now they can't even quit unless they ask first. (in England, at least)

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