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Otters Oddities

I sowwy......Don' be mads at me....

Today is Sunday, even though you're reading this on Monday. I don't have a post for you today.


And no, that's not the Made Up Monday thing you have to figure out. I really don't have one.

But I have a good reason.

As some of you may remember, about a month ago, my dad took a nasty fall on the ice and ended up spending about 2 weeks in the hospital. Thursday, as his wife was driving him to get a follow up CT scan to see how he was healing, he became confused and began speaking gibberish.

He was admitted to the hospital Thursday, and early Friday they preformed surgery on his brain. His original injury was some bleeding on the brain after his fall. What they found in the surgery was, it had started again.

They assure us it wasn't a stroke. And judging by what I can see, I agree with them. He has aphasia, that is, he doesn't use the right words when he talks. If you hold up a pen and ask what it is, he will say something like "Seven".


However, he is getting better. His comprehension is fine, and he is beginning to be able to use the correct words sometimes.

Needless to say, I wasn't around much this weekend to compose my post. But, I will have a normal post for tomorrow, because, science. Plus, I don't want the hose again.


I've already spoken quite firmly with my dad, telling him this is just unacceptable, and he needs to stop distracting me from my posts. He promises to not do it again. (at least, I think that's what he meant. He actually said "Squirrel why foot, okay.")

*Authors Note*

He didn't actually say that. I'm just a smart ass, and he would appreciate the joke.


*Second Authors Note*

As of 10:00 Sunday night, he is able to carry on simple conversations and even joke with his neurosurgeon. The surgeon asked him to count to 10, and dad said, "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10!" Then started laughing and said "5, 6, 7." He had a huge shit-eating grin, too. The surgeon said that was a very good sign.


*Third Authors Note*

The distance between an alligators eyes is directly proportional to it's total length.


If you stacked up all the burgers McDonalds has sold in it's history, the stack would reach all the way to Mars.

The full moon always rises at sunset and sets at sunrise.

During an average human lifespan, you will spend 24 years sleeping.

There are more species of fish in the Amazon River than in the Atlantic Ocean.

There. Five simple odd facts. It felt wrong not giving you any oddities. Plus, the couple of hours between the original writing and now has seen some good improvements on dads part, so I thought I'd celebrate with a few simple oddities.

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