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'Cause I'm T.N.T. I'm Dynamite!

I couldn't pass up a chance to use an AC/DC reference. Even if it has nothing to do with todays post.


Which isn't true.

It's related to the subject of today's post.

Which isn't true.

It shows a picture of a man who wears a child's school uniform, which is the subject of todays post.

Which isn't true.

It includes the name of todays subject.

Which is true.

A lot of you probably don't know this, but the line I quoted from AC/DC isn't factual. You can't be an explosive. Explosives are not alive, and you are. So when he says he's t.n.t. and dynamite, he's wrong.


We must come to the conclusion, then, that he is using the explosives as a metaphor. Which has absolutely nothing to do with todays post.

T.N.T. and Dynamite. Most people think they are the same thing. They aren't. In fact, they're nothing alike. T.N.T. is a chemical compound made up of 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene. Dynamite is made up of an absorbent compound like diatomaceous earth, saturated in nitroglycerin.


So, totally different. You'll just have to trust me on this.

So, when Bon Scott sang that he was T.N.T and dynamite, he was lying. He could be one, or the other, but not both.


I know....I'm picking nits. But those nits are important for the subject of todays post. Because, while t.n.t. is a strictly chemical compound, dynamite isn't. Remember a few lines back where I said dynamite is made up of an absorbent material and nitroglycerin? That's the subject today.

What is nitroglycerin? It's nitrated glycerin, of course. You can make your own, if you want. It's not hard. It's also not smart, as it's a very, and I do mean very, unstable explosive. I won't tell you how, but 30 seconds of internetting will find you the method.


Glycerin is what we are going to concentrate on today, though. You have most likely heard of glycerin. It's a polyol compound. (sugar alcohol). It's mostly used in the pharmaceutical industry, but it can be used as a sweetener and preservative in food and drink.

And, you'll never guess where they get glycerin. They get it from a lot of places. It's a natural compound, after all. And, they can synthesize it in massive quantities in the lab.


But, one way of obtaining glycerol is from oils. Like, peanut oil. And where do they get peanut oil? From peanuts!

So, peanuts are one of the main ingredients in dynamite!

Nah, they really aren't. Once they figured out how to synthesize glycerin, they stopped using the more expensive oils, like peanut oil to make it.


But, when Alfred Nobel invented dynamite, he used glycerin that he got from oils. And peanut oil was the most common at the time that was used in the production of glycerin.

So, without peanuts, we wouldn't have a Nobel Peace Prize.

Next time you make a PB&J, be careful and don't drop it. It might explode on you.


*Authors Note*

Peanuts aren't nuts, they're legumes. They grow underground.

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