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*BREAKING NEWS* Local Amish girls cited for solicitation for showing too much ankle.

No, not really. Amish girls don't get cited for solicitation until they show some knee.


Have you ever met any Amish people? They lead a quiet, simple lifestyle. A lot of people don't really understand the Amish.They see them as, 'strange'. And so called reality shows, like Amish Mafia, and Breaking Amish, don't really do anything to help people learn about the Amish.

The way the Amish are portrayed in Movies isn't accurate either. I mean, Kingpin. Really?

I have for you now, something that involves the Amish that you aren't going to believe. I almost saved it for Monday, but I just couldn't wait to get the information out there. (plus, Mondays post is already in the bag)

For years, people have been reading. And, let's face it, reading is much better than watching TV. And, the most popular genre of books just happens to be: Romance Novels.


Personally, I've never understood the romance novel. All it is is, soft-core porn in a soft cover book. And, a lot of the people who read romance novels will be the first to complain about a little excess cheek sticking out of that actresses shorts. People who are prudish in life enjoy the hell out of romance novels.

In fact, a large segment of romance novels are geared for......evangelical christians. That's right. It seems counter intuitive that evangelical christians would devour romance novels. Like I said, they're basically soft-core porn.


Just like the soft-core shows and movies you see on Cinemax late at night, where you don't actually see them having sex, but you know they are, in the romance novel, the sex is never explicit. But, there is no doubt that sex is happening.

And, people eat that stuff up! By 2004, 55% of all books sold in America were romance novels!


Now, I'm sure by now, you think you know where I'm going with this.

You think that Otter is about to tell you how Amish women are super-duper huge fans of romance novels, and how they buy the majority of them, and how they have romance novel bees where they discuss the latest in romance.


But, alas, you'd be wrong. You should know by now that Otter isn't predictable.

No. You remember how I mentioned evangelical christians like romance? Well, some of the romance they like is, Amish Romance Novels.


Yes. That's right. There is a whole sub-genre of the romance novels about the Amish.

Most of the writers of the genre are evangelical, and most of the readers are also evangelical.


The Amish are seen as deeply religious, and staunchly conservative. So, they make the perfect protagonists in romance novels aimed at deeply religious readers.

It's just too bad that the way the Amish are portrayed in the novels is nothing like the way the Amish actually are. If the Amish believed the way evangelical christians believed, they wouldn't be Amish. They'd be evangelicals.


many among the Amish are very upset that they are being used to push conservative christian values that they don't agree with on unsuspecting readers.

But, in all honesty, if you're basing your opinions of people solely on how they are portrayed in romance novels, then I weep for you. I mean, if romance novels were true, all men would either be kind, loving men with six-pack abs and long flowing hair, or despicable bastards, who force themselves on women whenever they please.


So, when you're looking for a cheap, tawdry way to kill some time, check out some soft-core Amish porn.

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