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Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.
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Otters Oddities

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Would I lie to you?

Welcome to the first ever Made Up Monday!

Today, I'm giving you a different Oddities post. This post Might be true, or it might be made up. Or, it might be based on truth but totally fabricated. It's up to you to decide.


I'd prefer if you didn't use Google. (or Bing, or any other search engine...)m What I'd like, is for you to decide, on your own, if this is true or false.

Because of the nature of this post, the facts I provide will see totally unbelievable. But, as you will have learned from reading my posts for the last 9 months, I really can't make this shit up. Or, can I?


Today, it's President's Day. Which leads up to, why do we have President's Day?

I was curious, so I investigated. And, what IU uncovered was something that's I have a hard time believing.


President's Day was first observed in 1879. It was designated by congress to be the day to recognize George Washingtons birthday. It didn't take long for someone to realize that, Lincolns birthday was at the same general time, so we should add Lincolns birthday to Washingtons. And that's what we celebrate today by getting discounts on washing machines and dryers. And maybe a replacement refrigerator. Or a car.

But, why 1879? Why did congress decide to pick that year to honor Washington and Lincoln? After all, it was almost 100 years after Washington was president, and almost 25 years since Lincoln was assassinated.


The truth is, something was going on that certain people didn't want the public to find out about. That's right, Presidents Day was thought up to hide the fact that someone was doing something they shouldn't.

In 1879, Warren G. Harding was campaigning for president. In January of that year, it turns out that a young lady, Mary Stuart, was pregnant. The father? Warren G. Harding.


Since he was the favorite to become the republican candidate for the presidential election in 1880, it was decided that, Mary Stuart needed to go away.

Abortion in 1879 was unheard of. So, Mary was paid $10,000 to keep quiet. A few reporters had caught a whiff of the rumor that Harding might have been up to something he shouldn't, and there really wasn't much the republican machine could do to stop the speculation.


They needed a distraction.

So, the republican majority in congress suggested that they have a day to honor George Washington. By pure luck, it was a democrat, John C. Burch, who suggested they add Lincoln to the day, and that the country should honor them both.


In 1879, Presidents Day didn't mean all federal offices were closed. That didn't happen until 1919 when Woodrow Wilson was looking to bolster his approval rating for the election in 1920. (it didn't help.)

So, on the third Monday in February, we have a national holiday. That holiday is to theoretically honor Washington and Lincoln specifically, and all presidents generally, was created to take the medias attention away from the fact that the republican candidate for president couldn't keep it in his pants.


Now, your job is, in the comments, state wether or not you think this is true or false. And, for fun, state why you cam to the decision you did.

I'll provide the answer tomorrow.

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