Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of....wait.....somethings not right here....

I can't quite put my finger on it....

Oh! I see what it is! They misspelled 'MINNOW' on the life preserver!

There's not too many people who can't identify who the people in the picture are supposed to be. But, a lot of people don't know what they represent.

Sherwood Schwartz, the creator of Gilligans Island, was a sneaky little devil. He put something into the show that was designed to help children grow into good people, without them knowing about it. Just like authors have been doing since Aesop, Schwartz used subliminal messages into his work.

In the case of Gilligans Island, he used the main characters to teach a valuable life lesson. The lesson he taught was the dangers of the Seven Deadly Sins.


Ok. Now that you're done laughing and rolling your eyes, Schwartz himself has confirmed it. Allow me to explain.

1. Lust = Ginger. Think about it. She was never good at hiding the open offers of carnal knowledge she continually offered up to....well....almost everyone. She was horn-dog in heat, and she needed release.


2. Gluttony = Skipper. Look at him. They were stranded on a deserted island for three years. He never lost any weight at all. For the rest of the cast aways, maintaining their body weight would have been easier. But for the Skipper to remain large means, he would have had to eat a lot.

3. Greed = Mr. Howell. C'mon....the man took a trunk of money with him on a three hour boat ride.


4. Sloth = Mrs. Howell. At first glance, a lot of people would apply this to Gilligan, but, he actually was quite active. But, what did Mrs. Howell ever do? Nothing. Not a damn thing! She didn't help cook. She didn't help gather food. She didn't do anything other than sit on her ass, sipping Mai Tais she had someone else make for her.

5. Wrath = Skipper. Yup. Skipper is two of the seven sins. And wrath was fairly obvious. He used violence against Gilligan on a daily basis. And, he vented his wrath with yelling at least 43 times an episode.


6. Envy = Mary Ann. Watch any episode. Mary Ann is envious of Ginger in every way. Her looks, her experience with men, her career, her lifestyle. Mary Ann took a very, "poor mr, the little farm girl" attitude towards anything Ginger.

7. Pride = The Professor. Given nothing but coconuts and vines, he could build a radio. And when asked about if it would work, did he show doubt? No. He knew it would work. Because everything he did worked. (except find a way off the island)


You may be noticing one glaring omission in this list. Gilligan.

Well, let's look at Gilligan, shall we?

Every episode, the cast aways ran into problems. Caused by Gilligan.

Every attempt at leaving the island was thwarted. By Gilligan.

Every potential rescue was ruined. By Gilligan.

They were frequently in danger. Because of Gilligan.

The one responsible for all the pain, suffering, despair and desperation was Gilligan. He wore red always. Gilligan......was the devil.


Trust me, you'll never watch Gilligans Island in the same light again.

As an interesting side note, something most people don't know is: Gilligans Island have a very intimate connection to the other sitcom Schwartz developed in the 60's; The Brady Bunch.


Mike Brady married Carol Hinkley. Carol was a widow. Or so she thought. Her husband Roy, a professor, was declared dead after the boat he was was on went missing during a three hour tour off the coast of Hawaii. Dr. Whitehead, the doctor that had cared for all three girls beginning with their births also lost his son, Gilligan, who worked as first mate on the boat. (These facts are revealed in the movie, 'A Very Brady Sequel'.)

I hope you enjoyed this episode of "Let Otter spoil your childhood memories". See you next week.


Oh, and I turned 45 today.