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Sex. Hoo-baby! nothing but fun and enjoyment!

Really? You actually believe that?

Boy, are you focusing on the wrong aspects of sex.

Well, not really. Most people engage in sexual activities for purely entertainment purposes. Sure, there are the procreation purposes, but for the most part, sex is undertaken for fun.


And, it is fun, isn't it? I mean, the woman feels good, the man feels good, and that's what sex is all about, right? Feeling good?

For most people, yes.

But, there are some who can't have sex.

Well, they can, but for them, sex isn't fun, nor enjoyable. Sex, to these people, is torture.

I know what you're thinking: How can sex be anything but fun? Well, the answer id, in many ways.

You see, for certain segments of the population, sex is anything but fun. It is, to put it mildly, torture.


I know, that to those of you who have had sex, that torture seems harsh. But, unfortunately, for some, that's how it is.

You see, there is a condition called Coital Cephalalgia. And, thank your lucky stars that you aren't one of it's victims.


You see, people who suffer from Coital Cephalalgia experience extremely severe headaches when they partake in the recreation most of us enjoy.

We don't know why people suffer from this condition. All we know is, it affects men mostly, and it occurs mostly during the early twenties, or between the ages of 35-40.


And, that's all we really know about it. Other than, as men have sex, it gets worse and worse, the more active, sexually, they become.

So, if you suffer from Coital Cephalalgia, I have to laugh at you. Not because I'm mean, but because, I can have sex without a headache.


Now, having said that, don't feel too bad. At least you're having sex. I'm not. And it sucks. I'd prefer having a headache during sex to not having sex. But, that's just me.

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