Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.
Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

But I don't want you to talk to me.....I don't like people.

One thing that really makes people mad is, trying to speak with someone who can't speak english very well. It can be someone they are dealing with face to face, or someone who answers their tech support call.


It's something we all have dealt with, and some people handle it better than others.

It's also something we should expect.

American consumers demand cheap products. Somewhere we stopped caring about the cost of quality. We demand the highest quality for the cheapest price. What we end up with is, cheap products of a lesser quality.

And, when the lower quality items break, you call tech support. Which is in another country. Costa Rica and India are two of the most popular ones.

But, to give the consumer the cheap price they demand, companies have to off-shore their support to save money. So, it's the consumers fault. After all, the owners of the company are just trying to maximize their profit. And the consumer is doing basically the same thing. Trying to make their money go further.


Also, we are a nation of immigrants. Humans didn't just appear in America. They moved here from somewhere else. That includes Native Americans. They just came here earlier than anyone else.

That's why American english is such a hodge podge of languages. We took the English language, and made it our own. But, every nation has done that. If you look at a nations language, you can trace it's roots to a different language that evolved when it moved to the new location. That's why so many modern languages are based on Latin. It was the language of the Romans, and they conquered just about everyone west of Asia.


But, that;s not what this post is about. Well, not really, at least.

This post is in defense of those that don't speak english very well.

It's been said by many people that, english is the hardest language to learn. And, I agree with them. The grammatical structure of our sentences is different from almost every other language. We conjugate verbs in a weird way. Our tenses make no sense.


If you don't believe me, learn another language. Like French, as an example. Study it until you could travel to France and at least carry on a simple conversation with a native French person.

Then, switch to Spanish. You'll pick up Spanish in an incredibly short amount of time. That's because Spanish and French share many of the same aspects of language. The way they handle grammar, tenses, verbs and pronunciations are similar.


English, however, is horrible.

Let's look at pronunciation, ok?

Heres a word: ghoughpteighbteau.

How would you pronounce that word in english? Seriously. Look at the word, and sound it out, just like they taught you in elementary school.


Give up? It's pronounced......potato.

The 'gh' is pronounced 'p', as in hiccough.

The 'ough' is pronounced 'o', as in though.

The 'pt' is pronounced 't', as in pterodactyl.

The 'eigh' is pronounced 'ay', as in neigh.

The 'bt' is pronounced 't', as in debt.

The 'eau' is pronounced 'o', as in bureau.

And, if you think that one is odd, it should be. It is an example of a constructed word. That is, a word that was designed for the specific purpose of showing how confusing the english language is.


But, I have one that's better. A lot better.

That word is: ghoti.

The 'gh' is pronounced 'f', as in enough.

The 'o' is pronounced as a short 'i', as in women. (plural)

The 'ti' is pronounced 'sh', as in nation.

So, ghoti can be pronounced 'fish'.

But, as you know, sometimes words with the same spelling can be pronounced differently. Example, 'women'. The o is long when singular, and short when plural.


Ghoti is the same. It can be pronounced differently.

The 'gh' is silent, as in though.

The 'o' is silent, as in people.

The 't' is silent, as in ballet.

The 'i' is silent, as in business.

Which means, according to the rules of the english language, ghoti is a completely silent word.


So, next time you are talking to someone who may be a little lacking in the english fluency department, cut them a little slack. We don't make it easy for them.

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