Oh look. It's Black Friday.

I hope you all had a great day yesterday. And by great day, I actually mean, I hope you all ate too much. I know I did. But it wa Thanksgiving, and we’re supposed to eat too much on Thanksgiving. It’s like, the law, or something.

Right now, it’s after dinner. And I mean, right after dinner. Like, I got done eating 10 minutes ago. And I’m writing this post now before I fall asleep. Because, you know, if you wait too…..

Anyway, it’s two hours later now and I had a nice nap.

I’m debating on wether or not I should write an actual Oddities post, or if I should take another vacation day.


On the one hand, if I take anther day off, by Monday you’ll all be expecting a post, or you’ll think I quit. And, If I do a post today, I can get way with not having one more day off on Monday, which is the last day of my vacation.

What to do…..what to do…….

Fudge sundae. I’m taking another day off. I know what my next topic is, but I’m too un-motivated to write about it now. Maybe I’ll write it this weekend. I mean, i am at my sisters house for the holiday, and she’s giving me the stink eye because I’m typing. She want’s me to play ‘Lord’s of Waterdeep’ with everyone, so I should stop typing and go play.


But, it’s my sister, and who does what their siblings want them too?

I do. Because I’m not stupid, and she’ll torture Snuggy the Bear if I don’t do what she wants. And it’s already costing me 1/2 of my leftover Halloween candy to not get noogies.


Maybe Monday I’ll tell you about the weapons of war you won’t believe. Or Tuesday. Whatever.