Happy Normal Thursday, Canada!

Ok. I've skived off my oddities responsibilities for the last two days. So, since I feel guilty, and since it's a holiday, I'll give you an oddity today.

There was no turkey served at the first Thanksgiving. Probably.

It wasn't mentioned in the written records of the feast.

There was a lot of waterfowl, like duck, goose, and swan, and venison. No green bean casserole, though. And, no pumpkin or pecan pie, either. No pie at all, in fact. The pilgrims had run out of flour.


And, while cranberries are native to the US, chances are they didn't serve them either. At least, not the kind from a can.

But, the one thing the first thanksgiving had that we still have today is, that one annoying relative you want to bash over the head with a gravy ladle. Some things never change.


Have a safe and happy one. Or don't. I'm indifferent to your enjoyment of thanksgiving. It doesn't affect mine whether yours is good or bad, so....meh. It's nothing personal. But have a happy one if you can.

And if you go shopping Thursday instead of waiting until Friday, I kind of dislike you. It's crass consumers like you that stop people from enjoying a thanksgiving off. It's also selfish to demand someone lose a holiday just so you can get something cheap.