Holiday road? Oh....oh.oh...oh...oh..oh.......

Ok, Who remembers this movie?


Good. Because I'm on vacation. I don't go back to work until 12/2/13.

And you know what I'm doing on my vacation? I'm destroying my kitchen. But then I'm putting it back together, bigger, better, stronger than before....

We have the technology......

Um....anyway, no oddities posts while I'm on vacation.

Unless I decide to surprise you.

So, You'll just have to check every day for the next week to see if I post an oddity, or just a vacation notice.


I think I deserve a vacation. And, really, I don't care if any of you disagree with me. I deserve this. I haven't had a week off for more than a year. And I'm going to relish it.

Until May when I plan on going to Ireland for a week.

Anyone want to join me?