No, really? Seriously? Nah! Get outta here....seriously?

Today for my Oddities post, I decided we're going to have fun. Yes kiddies, we're going to play a game. And it's a game I like to call, 'Are You F*&%ing Serious?'.

Here's how it's played: I'm going to list four facts. One will be correct, and three will be made up. You have to guess what the correct fact is.

And, to be really mean, I'm not going to post the answers until later today.

What I would like you all to do is, post a reply with your answers. Cheating is frowned upon, but since I can't stop you, go ahead and Google the answers if it makes you feel studly, or whatever.


OK? Let's start.


A. To the Vikings, it was considered rude to kill someone wearing green.

B. Until the nineteenth century, blocks of tea were used as currency in Siberia.


C. Acne is caused by oily and fatty foods, which used to be a luxury. Therefore, acne used to be seen as a sign of prosperity.

D. Tony Orlando was born in Houston Texas, and Angelica Houston was born in Orlando Florida.


A. A 'jiffy' is an actual time reference. It means 1/100th of a second.

B. Many birds, like Sparrows, lay spotted eggs because the spots resemble flies, fooling predators into thinking they have gone rotten.


C. In the Cherokee language, there are only three numbers; One, Two and Plenty.

D. In an Egyptian tomb, archeologists found a carved and painted wooden figure of a small blue, shirtless man, with a white beard and a white hat. Belgian artist, Peyo, used it as inspiration for his character, Papa Smurf.


A. At the summit of Mt. Everest, there are the bodies of a man and a woman who froze to death while attempting to set the record for having sex at the highest altitude. Due to logistical reasons, the bodies are left where they are rather than removing them from the mountain.


B. Proportionately compared to body mass, humans have the smallest penises in the animal kingdom.

C. The IRS estimates that the under-reported earnings from servers tips equals the GDP of Florida.

D. Windmills always turn counter clockwise except for Irish windmills. They turn clockwise.



A. One in every four Americans has appeared on T.V.

B. You can not electrocute a cockroach as it's exoskeleton acts like a Faraday Cage.


C. The lead role in the movie 'Gandhi' was originally offered to Burt Reynolds.

D. Shania Twain is Mark Twains Great-Great-Grandaughter.


A. Roger Ebert was a Green Beret during the Vietnam conflict. The movie character of John Rambo was based partly on Eberts actions during the war.


B. Barry Bonds used to use American Sign Language to sign 'Five Eggs' towards left field after every home run.

C. Babe Ruth wore a cabbage leaf under his cap to keep him cool. He changed it every two innings.

D. The role of Don Corleone was first offered to Andy Griffith before being offered to Marlon Brando.



A. Actor Pauley Shore received perfect scores on the SAT's both times he took it.

B. Teller of Penn & Teller fame does not speak on camera due to the fact that he is a Mennonite. His religious beliefs prevent him from having his voice recorded.


C. The Praying Mantis is the only insect that can turn it's head.

D. The city council of New York City has voted eight times to move St. Patricks Day to the first Saturday in May to avoid congestion in the city. It has failed each time.


A. According to the Federal Reserve, there are four, fifteen dollar bills in circulation.


B. An adult can sweat up to four gallons a day.

C. The distance between your eyes is identical to the distance from the tip of your thumb to the first knuckle.

D. Former first lady Nancy Reagan can palm a basketball.


A. The Butterfly was originally called the Flutterby.

B. Former President Richard Nixon was an avid user of the C.B. Radio.

C. If you take the sugar and flavoring out of Cool Whip, the resulting product is almost identical to the plastic used to make ping pong balls.


D. For the soldiers in the trenches during WWI, hemorrhoids were a constant problem. The British government eventually came up with Preparation H. (A-G were failures)


A. Before Washington took command of the Continental Army, his predecessor, General Harold Eastwick had already surrendered his army to the English after the Battle of Harrisburg.


B. Until it reaches the age of ~9 months, a kittens bones are not hardened and have the consistency of cartilage. This is what allows them to be so flexible.

C. Jennifer Anistons first acting job was for Rice Krispies cereal. The commercial never aired though, as she had an allergic reaction to them and broke out in hives.

D. The Nobel Peace Prize medal depicts three naked men with their hands on each others shoulders.



A. Semen can be used as a conditioning product for hair as it's made almost entirely from protein.

B. It takes glass one million years to decompose which is longer than most plastics.


C. There are more marsupials in Kansas than in Tasmania.

D. In 1960, a then unknown Dan Rather auditioned for the voice of Dudley Do-Right, but was turned down.

Ok. There we have it. 10 instances where I've given you four facts, but only one it true. Your job is to decide which one is true and post your answers in the comments. I will post the correct answers at 5:00 pm, EST. That gives you all eight hours to rack your brains.


Now, you can just Google the answers, but, wheres the fun in that? Play along and see how many you get.