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Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.
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Otters Oddities

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Raggedy Ann is sweet, innocent dolly that many girls fondly remember.

I remember my sisters Raggedy Ann. I hated that doll. but, so did she, so it sat in the corner, mostly buried under other stuffed animals.


My sister was a Holly Hobby fan. (I hated Holly Hobby, too).

Anyway, we're not here to talk about Holly Hobby. Or my sisters Raggedy Ann doll.


But, we are going to talk about someones Raggedy Ann.

The year was 1973. A mother, looking for a birthday gift for her daughter Donna, who was a nursing student away at college, chose a Raggedy Ann doll. Presented with the gift, Donna named it Annabelle, and placed it on her bed. She thought it was sweet, and her room mate, Angie, thought so as well.


In the first few weeks, Donna thought she noticed the dolls position had changed. It wasn't anything major, and she figured it was just shifting from the bed being moved. But as the weeks went on, the doll seemed to move more and more. One day, Donna and Angie went out, and the doll was left on the bed. When they came hame, it was on the couch.

Donna and Angie were friends with a man named Lou. From the moment he laid eyes on Annabelle, Lou knew it was evil. he warned Donna to get rid of it, but she refused. What she did do, however, was to consult a psychic about the doll. the psychic said that before the apartment building was there, the lot was an empty field. And in that field, a seven year old girl, Annabelle Higgins, was found dead. The psychic stated that Annabelles spirit felt it could trust Donna and Angie, so it latched onto the doll so it could stay with them.


People being stupid back in the 1970's, Donna and Angie thought that sounded good, and took no further action.

Shortly after that, Lou began having bad dreams where Annabelle would paralyze him and crawl up his legs and chest to strangle him. Lou would wake up with a headache, like the blood had been cut off.


Lou and Angie were planing a road trip on afternoon when they heard someone in Donnas room. Fearing an intruder, Lou crept to the room and looked in. Everything seemed normal, except Annabelle was in a corner. Lou entered the room to just check it was empty, but he had that funny feeling that someone was behind him. He turned around and doubled over in pain.

Looking down at his chest, there were seven long, deep gashes, but nothing that could have made them. The wounds were not normal wounds, however, and they had fully heald within two days.


Donna and Angie started getting worried about Annabelle. This time, they called a priest, who recommended they call the paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren.

The Warrens determined it wasn't the spirit of a slain seven year old inhabiting Annabelle. It was actually a malevolent demon who wanted Donnas soul.


Well, with a collective 'F*@$ That Noise!', Donna turned over custody of Annabelle to the Warrens. Ed, knowing how evil demons can be, decided to avoid the highway on their trip home. it was a good thing as the car kept stalling, the power steering kept failing, and the brakes went out.

When they got home, they built a special glass case that was locked to keep Annabelle in.


She is still locked up, and if you want to see her, you can visit her at the Warren Occult Museum in Connecticut.

If the story of Annabelle sounds familiar, that's because you've probably seen the movie, 'The Conjuring'. The doll Annabelle was remade to look creepier, and the story was combined with another to make the movie.


Maybe I'll tell you the other part of the story later.

Maybe not.

But combine todays post with yesterdays post, and dolls are not looking good for Christmas anymore, are they?

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