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Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.
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Otters Oddities

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A doll with a doll. That's just creepy.

Meet Robert.

Robert is a doll.

Robert was given to a child, Robert Eugene Otto, in 1906.

Eugene lived with his parents in Key West Florida, and a servant of the families from the Bahamas gave him the doll as a gift.


However, the servant did n't like Eugenes parents. And she also was a VooDoo priestess.

She supposedly placed a curse on the doll before giving it to Eugene. Of course, neither Eugene nor his parents were aware of that at the time.


Eugene was often heard talking to the doll by his parents. They also heard the doll talk back. They figured it was just Eugene making a different voice, but they also claimed to hear the doll talk when Eugene wasn't present.

Visitors to the house would say they saw the doll moving. Not just while sitting in Eugenes room, but also walking from room to room. Neighbors also claimed to see Robert looking out the windows when the family was away. With the house empty, they said it would move from window to window.


At night, Eugene would wake his parents by screaming. When the parents rushed to the room, they would find furniture knocked over. Eugene always said Robert did it.

These strange happenings kept on occurring until 1974 when Eugene died. Robert was stuck in the attic, and there he stayed.


That is, until another family bought the house. The new family had a ten year old daughter, and she found the doll in the attic. As most ten year old girls would do, she took the doll and placed it in her room.

It wasn't long until she also began screaming in the night, claiming the doll would talk to her, and even threaten her. Today, 40 years later, she still claims the doll was dangerous.


Today, Robert the doll resides in the Fort East Martello Museum in Key West. You can visit it today. But, be careful. If you want to take a picture of Robert, you must ask his permission first. If Robert remains motionless, then you may go ahead. However, if the head tilts to the side, do not take the picture. Robert is said to follow people who do.

If you think Robert sounds like a creepy doll, you'd be right. Robert is the inspiration for Chuckie from the movie franchise.


Is Robert possessed? Is it an evil doll? Who can say.

All I know is, it's one damn ugly doll, and there's no way in hell I'd ever have it in my house.


Seriously, that little sailor suit creeps me out.

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