Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.
Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

Otters Oddities

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Talk about puking your guts out....

Today, I had a post planned. I was going to make a post about the holiday that's coming up. This holiday goes by many names, but the one I prefer is 'The Feast of Samhain'.


But then, I thought about it more and decided, no one wants to hear about the night I had dinner with Glen Danzig.

So I thought a little more, and decided that, there is, in fact, a holiday coming up on the 31st, and I should write about it. Because, it's full of oddities. So, brace yourselves boys and girls, because today, we talk about:


You didn't actually think I was going to do the obvious, did you?

October 31st, besides being Halloween, is also Increase Your Psychic Powers Day. What is IYPPD? Well, let me tell you. (do me a favor, and imagine you're listening to me tell you this, in a dark room, with a flashlight pointed up under my chin)


Believe it or not, IYPPD is not a recent holiday. It first appeared in England in the 19th century. These days it's held on the 31st, (because Halloween, duh), but historians say it was originally celebrated on the 30th because the dark spirits were out in force on the 31st. And you didn't want to open your mind to them.

Remember, back in the 19th century, people were just as gullible as they are today. Seances were common, fortune telling was something you did before making any big decisions, and psychic powers, such as healing, were highly sought after.


Lucky for you that you have me here to tell you how to go about increasing your psychic power.

First, clear your mind. Think about nothing except the task in front of you.

Now, flip a coin, and declare how it will end up. If you can guess, I mean, predict the right answer more that 50% of the time, your psychic powers are getting stronger.


When that bores you, get a deck of cards. Shuffle them, and declare the top card. Turn it over. Were you right? then keep going. If you were wrong, re-shuffle and concentrate harder.

When your phone rings, declare who it is before looking. The consider yourself a failure for not knowing it was going to ring.


Sit at a table that is empty except for a salt cellar. Concentrate on it and try to move it. Keep at it until it moves. If it doesn't move, think harder. If you spill it, clean it up before mom gets home, and focus more!

So, while others are out mooching candy from the neighbors, practice your mental powers. Maybe you too could become a famous psychic, don't tell me.....uh......who's the psychic that correctly predicted a tragedy, or helped find a missing child? that's right. None of them. Maybe you can be the first.


**Bonus Fact** I find it interesting that October 24 is 'United Nations Day', but also 'National Bologna Day'. Or that October 9th is 'Moldy Cheese Day', and 'Emergency Nurses Day'.

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