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Otters Oddities

Your eyes.....let me claw them!

Have you ever felt it wasn't fair that animals have claws, and all we have are these lame fingernails? And, don't get me started on toe nails. All toe nails seem to be good for is collecting stinky jam.


Wasn't always like that, though. Your nails are actually the vestigial remains of claws.

Keep in mind, though, that primates don't have claws either. And we evolved from primates. But the primates evolved from other mammals. And those mammals did have claws. These were the itty-bitty mammals that evolved from the therapsids just before the rise of the dinosaurs. The mammals of the dino age were small, burrowing creatures for the most part. none larger than a house cat.

But, they had claws. And, as they evolved into primates, the claws evolved as well. The first claw moved up the limb a bit and turned and became the thumb. because of it's location, in opposition to the rest of the digits, sudden;y primates could grab things. And, grabbing is one of the tasks that claws were used for.

As it turned out, claws actually got in the way of grabbing. So, as primates evolved further, the claw shrank. and, it eventually flattened out and covered just the top of the digits, becoming the nails we have today.


Some people don't appreciate what their nails do for them. But, if you had to go for a day without your nails, you'd miss them. A lot.

You see, the nails do more than you think. Imagine trying to scratch yourself without nails. Or, peeling an orange. or tearing paper. Think you could undo a knot without your nails? And, what about grooming? Early humans and proto-humans groomed each other like the great apes do to this day. Try picking lice out of someones hair without nails.


But, 'What about toe nails, otter? Huh? Do you use your feet for picking lice?', you may be asking. Well, back when humans were evolving from primates, we did use our feet for things like that. Watch an ape or a chimpanzee. They use their feet all the time, almost like a second set of hands. We did that too, until we decided to leave the trees permanently and walk upright full time.

Your nails are made from the protein Keratin. This is the same protein that makes your hair. Think about that. You either have a head full of very thin fingernails, or very wide hair on your fingertips.


While you may not think about your nails, they do make your life a lot easier. Just ask someone who has permanently lose one or more. because they do so much for you, you should always make sure you take care of them. keep them trimmed, keep them clean, and keep them to yourself.

I was trying to come up with something disgusting to put into the post, but all i came up with was a picture of a doctor removing someones fingernail that had been injured and got infected. While the picture is disgusting, I just can't post it for you all to enjoy. I'd feel terrible if I made any of you go, "EWWW!".


So, remember kiddies, don't chew your nails. That's almost like cannibalism.

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