Do you, unknown person, take this unknown person, to be your awfully wedded person?

True Love. Sucks.

Seriously. No matter what you do to try and be happy, true love will find a way to screw it all up.

Take, for example, a boy and a girl who attended the same college in South Africa. In 2006, a mutual friend introduced them, as they seemed to have so much in common.

Well, as college romances go, this was one that seemed to be made in heaven. Not only did they share the same interests, they both came from single parent homes. And, by golly, wouldn't you know it, they grew up just 50 miles apart.

For 5 years they dated. And they did all the things happy couples do; things like taking trips together, meeting each others parents, having sex.....


In 2011, they got engaged. As the wedding was being planned, it was time for their parents to meet.

Oh, you can see where this is going, right?

As it turns out, His dad knew her mom. It seems that they had also dated for a while when they were younger. And, as is sometimes the case when people date, they have sex. And, as it sometimes does, the sex resulted in a child. Twice.


Eventually, she cheated on him, so they split up. When they did, it was decided that he would raise the boy and she would raise the girl.

And now, 20-odd years later, they were in this awkward position of having to say, " have something to tell you...."

But, the parents news would have to wait. You see, the kids had their own news.

Yes, the parents were going to become.......grandparents.

Talk about an awkward family dinner......

At last report, the happy couple had split up. And most likely spent a week in the shower trying to get clean.


But, in a situation like that, can you really find fault in their relationship? Skip the eww-icky factor of boinking your sibling, or even just swapping spit with them, they had no idea they were related. And, they had no reason to think they were, as neither one was ever told about their sibling.

I blame the parents for not letting the kids get to know each other while they were growing up.

But man, can you imagine the sons reaction to his friend who, upon seeing his family photo, says, "Dude, your sister sure is hot!"


Ok. Before anyone freaks out, remember, all of humanity emerged from one or two small groups of hominids. Some scientists believe the original group of humans consisted of only seven females. Genetics tell us that, if you are dating someone of the same race as you, of the same national heritage, chances are, you're related.

Rest assured. As long as you don't marry closer than third or fourth cousins, there is enough genetic diversity to stop baby from having a third arm growing out his forehead. And chances are, for example, if you're a caucasian American of Scandinavian heritage dating another caucasian American of Scandinavian heritage, you're only 16th cousins or so.