Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.
Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.
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I thought this was my tuba!

For those who don't understand the picture, that's Stewie Griffin and he's nursing. But that's not his mom. Oh no. it wouldn't be Family Guy unless it was over the top! That's his dad, Peter, he's trying to nurse from.


Poor guy. All he gets is a curly chest hair.

But, who knew Family Guy could actually get it right?

There is mention of males breast feeding as far back as the Talmud. And, in 'Anna Karenina', Tolstoy had a small bit about an man nursing an infant on a sea voyage.


Those stories are anecdotal, though. I mean, come on....a man lactating?

Well, naturalists as eminent as Alexander Von Humboldt have documented cases of just that.


In the womb, when a fetus is starting to develop, there is no boy or girl. Well, I should say, there is no boy. We all start out as girls. It's not until the Y chromosome asserts its self that there are boys.

Since we all start out the same, it only stands to reason that we all have the same equipment.


It's not unusual for boys to grow breasts during puberty, but they merge back into the chest as puberty progresses. (usually. And, if a man gets fat, well....moobies!)

As well as having breasts, men also have the system of ducts that allow for lactation. And, under the right circumstances, men will actually start lactating.


Thorazine is known to stimulate the pituitary gland. And that stimulation increases production of the hormone Prolactin. And, if men produce enough Prolactin, they will start to lactate.

The heart medication Digoxin lists lactation as one of it's side effects.

A tumor on the pituitary gland could start men producing milk as well.

So men.....if you start leaking...milk...out your moobies...go see a doctor.

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