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Hmmm.....I wonder why I can't read that.....

Sex. We all like it. None of us get enough of it.

But, what if there was no sex? I mean, more specifically, what if there was no opposite sex to have sex with?


There are several species born without a gender. They are hermaphrodites. And there are some that will spontaneously change gender at some point in their life.

Lets take the lowly Flat Worm. It's born with both a vagina and a penis. When it's time to mate, two flatworms will face off and whip them out. Then, they start fencing.

No, that's not a new euphemism. They really do fence with their penises. They each try to insert theirs into the others vagina while keeping the other out of theirs.

When one finally hits it's target, it becomes male and the other becomes female. The unused organs become useless at that point and the flat worm now has a gender for life.


How about the Clown Fish. They are born male or female. And, they form a mating pair. But, if the female dies, the male then changes gender to a female and then goes off in search of a single male to form a new mating pair.

Hyenas. While they don't change gender, I'm including them anyway because of some straneness in them.


The female is larger than the male. And, the female has balls. I don't mean she's brave, I mean, she has testicles. She also has a pseudo-penis. It's really just a huge clitoris, but she can make it erect at will.

Garden Snails. Snails are born hermaphrodites as well. Their gender is determined by who wins during sex. And by win, I mean it.


A snail has it's sexual organs right behind it's eye stalks. (seems sort of voyeuristic). Snails, when it's time to mate, will shoot 'love darts' at each other. There's a mucus on the dart that contains massive amounts of sperm, and the one with the most sperm wins.

Whiptail Lizard. All Whiptail Lizards are born female. But, they don't change gender. Ever. There is never a male Whiptail. Ever.


So, how do we get baby Whiptails?


Two females will pretend to have sex with one playing the man. Afterwards, they switch roles and then pretend to have sex again.


This stimulates the production of eggs. And, of course, when the eggs hatch, they're all females.

Banana Slug. The Banana Slug is another hermaphrodite. So, when mating, they will try to impregnate each other.


But, there's something about a Banana slug. It's penis is 6-8 inches long. I know what you're thinking. It's one of two things: "Holy crap! It's got a weiner bigger than me!" or "That ain't crap. My penis was bigger when I was born."

Take into consideration though, the Banana Slug is only 6-8 inches long. So, it's penis is the same size as it is.


This means it has to be very careful when selecting a mate. If it chooses wrong, it's penis will get stuck inside the other. And when that happens, the other one will chew the penis off to separate it's self.

Peppermint Shrimp. This is a rare one. Peppermint Shrimp are born male. When sexual maturity arrives, they turn into hermaphrodites. This allows them to take on the role of male or female during mating.


But, if some males have already turned into hermaphrodites, the males can postpone the change. And pure males have more sex than the hermaphrodite posing as male.

Black Sea Bass. This is one you may have encountered in a restaurant. Sea Bass is quite tasty.


In the wild, Sea Bass are born female. Sometime between 2 and 5 years old, they will change into males. This allows them to be both mommies and daddies.

But, since they are so tasty, they are harvested heavily. Their numbers in the wild are dwindling. So, like with many things we like to eat, we are farming them.


Except, there's a problem.

In captivity, the Sea Bass are changing into males much sooner than they do in the wild. Sometimes before they reach adulthood. That is creating a lack of females to keep the production of eggs going.


There are many many more creatures out there that can change sex. But If I told you about them all, then I would rob you of the joy of learning about them yourself.

So, go learn!


**the Fruit Fly has the longest sperm. it's 2 inches long. A Fruit Flies testicles make up 25% of it's body mass.**


**the Silverback Gorilla is a fearsome creature. it keeps a harem of 5 - 30 females. The average Silverbacks penis is 1 1/2 inches long.**

**a male Nautaloid doesn't have a penis, per se. It collects it's sperm in a sac at the end of one of it's tentacles. When it sees a female it wants to mate with, it releases the tentacle and it swims over to the female.**

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