Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.
Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

Otters Oddities

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Oh, the horror! The horror!

I've been doing the oddities posts for a few months now.

I figured it's about time include my namesake in the litany of posts.

So, here you go. Otters Otter Oddities! (ok...not really odd, but just some general facts about the coolest, most bestest animal in the world)

  • Otters, (except for Sea Otters), spend most of their time on land.
  • Sea Otters spend virtually their entire lives in the water.
  • Sea Otters are the only aquatic mammal that does not have blubber. They rely on their dense fur to keep them warm.
  • An otters fur is the densest of any mammal. Approximately 900,000 hairs per square inch, compared to a humans 1,600.
  • The dense fur traps small air bubbles next to the skin keeping the cold water away from an otters skin.
  • Otters will use tools, like beavers, monkeys and apes.
  • An otter will dive up to 300 feet and stay under water for up to 8 minutes in search of food.
  • Their small eyes allow otters to see in dark murky water where others animals and fish have difficulty.
  • Otters have favorite foods. Even in their small social groups, some will prefer certain types of fish over others. This indicates more sophisticated taste sense than in other mammals.
  • Otters are smart. Only humans and dolphins are smarter than an otter.
  • Otters spend a great deal of time playing. They are very social creatures, and enjoy horsing around all day.
  • Even though they are social, otters are members of the weasel family, and have the teeth to prove it. They are related to badgers and skunks, so don't mess with them.
  • An otter will live about 10 years in the wild. When in captivity, they can live up to 20.
  • A male otter is a boar, a female is a sow, and a baby is a pup.
  • An otter will never get fat. It's metabolism is too high. It only takes an otter one hour to turn food into poop.
  • The otters main predator is man. Too many people like their pelts. The Sea Otter was almost hunted to extinction. There were an estimated 2,000 of them left when they were placed on the endangered list. Today, their numbers have rebounded to ~200,000.

I know many of you share my fondness for the otter. They're just so cute!

I was going to end this post with pictures of otters, but there's just too many of them. I'll leave the pictures to you guys in the comments.


But for now, I otter sign off and go to bed.

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