Regardez! C'est un baiser de Hershey! En français! C'est pourquoi il est un baiser français!

Welcome friends! We have a very special Oddities for you today! Yes boys and girls....


Todays request comes from dan7gtar.

And, if you're particularly dense this morning, the subject it: the french kiss.

(as a side note....I'd just like to say nobody commented on the joke in the opening line you yesterdays post, and it's a little disappointing. I thought it was good.)


Anyway, The french kiss. The origin of kissing is fairly well understood. What we don't understand, however, is when it evolved into something that is considered romantic.

Allow me to explain.

Way back when, in the long, long ago, in the before times, man had a limited diet. And the foods he had weren't exactly baby friendly. While breast feeding did take place, prehistoric babies did need to be weaned. And then they did need to eat. And most small children don't have teeth that can handle the tearing and chewing that comes with the diet of the time.


How was that obstacle overcome? The same way a lot of species still do it today; the mother chewed up the food and then transferred it to the child, mouth to mouth.

And, while the mother was transferring the food to the child, she would use her tongue. There was a lot of tongue on tongue contact between mother and child.


Back then, human lips were the same as they are now. The lips are actually more sensitive then your genitals. And, the touching of lips has always had a bonding effect. So all that contact between mother and child built powerful bonds. And it was a bond that was associated with love. (not romantic love, sicko.....get your mind out of the gutter)

At some unknown time, the kiss became a way for partners to express affection. Using the tongue was usually reserved for the really romantic occasions. In fact, the Kama Sutra describes a position called "Fighting Tongues".


Europeans were more prone to using the tongue in their kissing. For a while it was known as a 'Florentine Kiss' because it was popular in Florence Italy.

It was during World War One that American soldiers saw French soldiers kissing their partners in this method. And, some experienced themselves by getting friendly with the locals and the professionals.


When they returned from the war, they greeted their sweethearts with the 'French Kiss'. (the French just call it 'baiser amoureux ("lover's kiss") or baiser avec la langue ("kiss with the tongue"))

So, there you have it. The origin of the french kiss. Anyone hungry?