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Durian. Not half or an 80's pop group, but stinky and smelly and just plain yucky.

I realize I have already done a post on gross foods. But this one is different.

Well, it'll still feature gross foods, but the grossness of the food isn't the point.

No, the point of this post is: Who was the first person to eat that?

And, maybe an even more important question should be: After seeing the first guy eat it, why did the second or third guy try it after him?


Because this will be read early in the morning, and because some of you have weak stomaches, but mostly because Kinja formats my posts poorly when I add pictures, I won't be adding any pictures to this post.

Durian. The fruit pictured in the lead photo. There are a few who liken the aroma of the Durian to almonds. Most people however describe it as 'rotten onions', or 'turpentine', or even 'raw sewage'. I don't understand why someone who would eat something that smells so vile.


Escamoles. It's a dish served in Mexico. And it's frequently added to things like tacos. It looks like rice, and it has a nutty, buttery taste. And it's the unhatched larvae of ants. The ant larvae is found in the roots of the Agave plant. Most likely when someone dug up an Agave to make tequila, the found clusters of larvae. And then they ate them. Just. Ew.

Castoreum. Sometimes, when you're making something, and you want it to taste like something, but you don't have any of what you want it to taste like, you use an artificial flavoring. And, if you're making a beverage, and you want it to taste like raspberry without using raspberry, you use Castoreum. They call it that because they didn't think calling it 'Beaver Anal Gland Juice' would move much product. (maybe up the alimentary canal during reverse peristalsis). But seriously, who in the hell decided to taste the liquid leaking from a beavers butt? And who was the second guy? "Seriously Bob! It tastes just like raspberries!"


Baby Mice Wine. I'm sorry. But that's what it's called. According to most people who drink it, it tastes like gasoline. It's drunk in Korea as a health tonic. And if it's a health tonic, who cares what it tastes like, right? Now, I know that you're thinking 'Nothing called Baby Mice Wine can be what it actually claims to be.' Bzzt! Wrong answer, you lose. Shortly after a mouse gives birth, the babies are taken and, while still alive, put into a bottle of rice wine. Several of them per bottle. And then it's left to ferment. When pouring, if a baby mouse falls into your glass, you're expected to eat it, kind of like the worm from a bottle of tequila.

Casu Marzu. "Cracking cheese, Gromit!" Casu Marzu is a soft, creamy cheese, not unlike Brie. Considered a delicacy in Sardinia where it's made, fortunately, Casu Marzu is illegal. That doesn't stop people from making it and eating it anyway. Now, I like cheese. But, uh-uh, no way, not for a ga-jillion bucks! This cheese is made from sheep's milk. When it's formed and they set it aside to age, the last thing they do is, infest it with the larvae of the 'cheese fly'. They place 500 maggots on top of the cheese. The maggots then eat the cheese and digest it. Then they poop it back out. This is what leads to the creamy texture. When you eat the cheese, the maggots are still alive. In fact, they have been known to jump as high as 6 inches while being eaten. But don't worry. The maggots will pass through your digestive tract whole. You don't digest them. However, there is the chance they will lay eggs on their way out. And those larvae will bore into the linings of your stomach, intestines and bowels, causing severe bleeding. (that's why it's illegal everywhere). Now, what was wrong with the guy who decided to try maggot infested cheese? (it's aficionados admit it tastes horrible. Like, maggot poop.)


Century Egg. This is an egg that has been coated in a mixture of salt, ash, quicklime and rice husk. Then it's left to sit for a few months. When cracked open, it smells like, (surprise surprise), rotten eggs. The yolk has turned green/grey and the white has turned a translucent amber color. It's speculated the process for making a Century Egg was developed to stop eggs from spoiling. So, when the first one was cracked open, and it smelled like a rotten egg, why did they eat it anyway?

Balut. Most of you know what this is. It's the mostly developed fetus of a duck or chicken. You can eat it raw or fried. I'm sorry, but if I'm expecting an egg I can make an omelet with, and I get a baby bird, I'm not eating it. And the first person who did was odder than I.


And finally, (yes, one more egg),

Virgin Boy Egg. Should I? No, I shouldn't. But I'm going to anyway. Virgin Boy Egg is just an egg. I mean, it's just a hard boiled egg. I mean, it's just an egg boiled in the urine collected from boys under the age of 10. And then sold on the street by vendors. Because it's believed it lowers the bodies temperature, promotes better blood circulation and just generally revitalizes you. Do I really even need to ask what was going through the mind of the first person to eat this? Was it something like, "Boy, I really want a boiled egg, but I'm out of water. I know, Little boy! Here's a dollar, pee into my pan so I can boil an egg!" No.


Alright. I'm done. I could continue, but, I think I proved my point. And my point is, no matter how disgusting something you come up with is, there will always be someone who will eat it.

I won't. But someone will.

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