Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.
Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

Otters Oddites

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They blinded me with science!

Science. The life blood of everything. I'm not going to get into a theological discussion today. That's a future post. Maybe.


But, science, no matter how you feel about it, is amazing.

Science is that guy you knew in high school who had the great car, the pretty girls, excelled at athletics and academics, and never got into trouble. Science is the bacon wrapped lobster tail stuffed in a prime rib, slathered in butter, wrapped in more bacon, dipped in a beer batter and deep fried. On a stick. Science is the guy who jumps off the bridge into freezing water to save a puppy.


Is there anything science can't do?

Well, yes. There is a lot science can't do.

For instance, science can't explain the Baigong Pipes.

These pipes are made of iron. And they are driven into a mountain in China, in an area where it has never been known that people lived. Some pipes are driven deep into the mountain, while others are in a salt water lake nearby. There are more pipes in the lake, and also on the shore. Some of the larger ones are about a foot in diamater.


The insides of the pipes are clean. That means, someone used them for something. But just what that was, is unknown. The area where they were found is inhospitable, to say the least.

Oh, did I mention that when scientists dated the pipes, they date back to a time when man was still trying to figure out the new invention called fire?


Is it a hoax? Maybe. Aliens? I doubt it. but the fact remains, they are there.

So, pipes not good enough for you?

Ok. How about a book?

The Voynich Manuscript. What is it? Well, it's a book. It is hand written, it's legible, it has illustrations and it was carbon dated to the 15th century. It's named after the book dealer who bought it in 1912.


What makes the Voynich Manuscript odd is, nobody knows what it says. Linguists have examined it, and it's been determined that the writing follows the rules for languages, but they have never seen a script like it before. No one can tell what language it is.

Well, that's not a big deal, right? We have code breakers, right? Well, the best military cryptographers have no clue. No one has been able to decipher a single word.


The one thing all the experts agree on is, it's real. As in, it really says something. About 240 pages of something. But what that something is, no one knows.

Finally, let's talk about something a few of you may have heard of.

The Bloop.

In 1997, NOAA recorded a sound in the ocean on two different microphones. It was a very loud sound. It had to be. The two microphones were 3,000 miles apart.


The sound isn't much of a sound. Until you speed it up. When sped up, it sounds like, what one researcher described as, "a turd hitting the toilet".

About the only thing they can say for sure is, it was an animal of some sort that made the sound. But what that animal is, they have no idea.


Shortly after the sound was posted on the internet with the official NOAA explanation of, "we ain't gots no clue", people started speculating it was Cthulhu.

If so, I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

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