I can't wait until the technology exists to put a human and two robots in the corner of my computer screen to make comments on the crap I look at on the internet.

In the animal kingdom, there are smart animals, and dumb animals. Humans are thought to be the smartest. (I'd debate that, though. I know some frightfully stupid humans)

One of the things that helps us sit at the top of the smart-scale is, our bipedal locomotion, and our opposable thumbs.

Throughout history, every species that has walked on two legs has been a success. And every species that has opposable thumbs, has been successful.


But, those attributes only give us an advantage, They aren't the only things that makes us smart. Our brains, and our ability to reason does that. And, species that can reason, always do well.

One of the things we can use our brains to reason out is, how to use a tool to accomplish a job. Several animals use tools to some extent. But humans have the ability to look at a situation, and come up with a tool they can use in that situation.


Only one other member of the animal kingdom can do that.

The Crow.

Most people see the crow as a loud, annoying bird. And they are. But, they are also very smart.


Crows in the wild were presented with food, in a basket, inside a jar. Several times, a crow took a piece of wire and, using it's beak, made a hook on one end and used it to lift the basket out of the jar.

While that doesn't sound like much, it shows that crows have the ability to use situational reasoning to solve a problem. No other animal has been observed in the wild doing that.


Crows also show adaptive behavior.

If a juvenile crow spots food, and no adults are around, it will quietly eat it's meal. However, if adults are around, it will create a ruckus to draw in other juveniles to share the meal, because adult crows will steal the food from one juvenile crow, but not from a group of them.


Wild crows also have been observed to lie to each other. Researchers set out three sets of jars. Two of the sets were empty jars, but one set had cheese in them. The first crow on the scene discovered that fact. When another crow came to the scene, the first left the food and went to one of the empty sets and went through the motions of feeding. This deceived the second crow into thinking the food was in this set.

With the second crow occupied, the first went back to the food, Every time a new crow arrived, the first crow left the food to trick the others into looking into the empty sets of jars.


Crows are also social birds. The will live in groups ranging from 2 to 15 birds. And, each murder will develop it's own dialect. (a group of crows is called a murder.) Crows can all speak crow. But when they talk with members of their own murder, their language subtly changes. Researchers believe that is to prevent other crows from finding out information deemed secret.

Personally, I appreciate the job crows do. They eat all the dead crap, keeping it from stinking up the great outdoors.


*Authors Note*

Crow over Tom Servo and Joel over Mike. Gypsy just sucks. That is not open for debate, it's just fact.