Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

You guys, Backtalk, among a few other places, is suffering from Kinja-itis. Like, no comments want to work and the notifications/avatar bit at the top right doesn't want to happen. Whassup with that Kinjatechs?


Also while I am it dammit I still have to clear my cache to see my own image uploads. LAME.

And also sometime in the past day our "new" blue dots went poof from our notifications. Where we can see notifications, I mean.

(Y'all just drop in and vent while you got the chance liek our syrupy friend sez...)


ETA: Miss One-Eyed Cutie Pie says I am paying too much attention to the whirring box and it's time for her meds and chasing things. I'mma sign off for the night but y'all keep each other company and we'll have Roll Call in the morning.

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