Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

Went to the VZ store early, and boy am I tired - got a phone tho

Full review to come...but yes, I'm that idiot who's up at pre 4AM and ready to head over there for a 4 hour wait until the store opens. Long story relatively short, several "important" types want to see the 6 plus to decide if they want that or the smaller 6. Despite my reassurances that they do NOT want the larger device, I'm off to try to get one. The only positive to this, of course, being that it means I get an iphone today.

This post will be updated when I get back (if I'm still alive and awake).

Update 5:10. Three of us here now. Third guy just told me he heard that they won't have the plus in this store. Don't really care either way though that was the one I was hoping to show to my people. Not about to go to another store at this point!


Update 5:18. Confirmed online. Apparently Verizon already said no plus on release day. Such is life. Four people here now.

Definitely not the same sense of camraderie that there was the last time I did this (iPhone 3g). By this time for that one we were chatting and having fun. It's 57 degrees but with a cold wind blowing people are staying in their cars so far. Cop drivebys so far? Three.

Update 5:30. Half dozen people here. All waiting in cars. And yes my stomach is still pissed at me for that bad idea of shrimpfest. Food tastes relatively normal again, but I never want to eat a shrimp ever again. Also, iPhone release day. Whee.


Also, New definition of irony: live blogging an iPhone release on my android. And yes I know that's only ironic by the Alanis Morrisette definition.

Update 5:57. About a dozen people now still all in their cars. Starting to rethink this whole thing. I remember it being more fun last time. Now I'm just rethinking choices I've made and wondering why the hell I'm sitting in front of a closed store at six am, with two hours to go before the doors even open. I wish I had exciting stuff to say but so far this is boring. Also I'm out of coffee.


Update 6:20. Being up at four am had its advantages. It's quiet and a good tube for introspection. Actually, fuck that, being up at this hour blows.

6:30. Out of cars. Nobody really chatting. Folks are annoyed about the rumor of no six plusses. Also it's damn chilly out. Sorry I didn't wear a heavier coat. May scrap this until I have a device in hand unless something interesting happens.


Also a thought. Why the hell does vzw leave their demo units on all night? Seems like a waste of energy....

7:13 about twenty folks all told. They also confirmed, no plus.

Final update at 8:32. I'm home, bagel in hand, iphone 6 in gray in hand as well. Overall I'd have to say that this line wait sucked. People were cold and miserable, and not terribly chatty - though that did improve once the verizon folks got there and got us all started on the process. I was amazed at how many people going in didn't do their homework and were trying to do things like use dumbphone lines to get an iphone upgrade for another line of service - and being shocked when there were extra smartphone charges involved. A few people were pissed that they didn't have the plus and were whining quite a bit - I was hoping they would have one to at least lay hands on, but that was my own fault for not doing some online homework before showing up (plus we have a few on order already for work, so I'll get my grubby mitts on one soon enough). I'd say that the "Waiting for apple products" thing, at least for me, has kinda run its course. I was cold. I had to pee. I was out of coffee. I spent hours reading in my car and then in a chair in front of a closed retail store. I knew all of those things would happen, yet I did it anyway: I guess that's the price you pay for being able to say you got one of these on release day (and you didn't have the foresight to preorder).


The article about how nobody should wait on line is, at this point, probably accurate. While I take pleasure in getting my hands on new goodies before anyone, there's definitely a price tag that goes along with it, and not necessarily one that I think is worth it anymore. While it was kinda cool to be the second guy into the store (and the first to leave, since I didn't have to putz with adding accounts and whatnot), it was even cooler to grab a bagel on the way home and, upon arrival, take the longest, happiest, loudest, and most satisfying pee in recent memory.

Now it's all on my Verizon business liaison to get the lines flipped about as they need to be - once that's all done I'll post some first impressions and whatnot in this same thread....but so far nothing to report apart from what the real bloggers have already reported: nice looking, the lines look kinda doofy on the back, nice feel etc. To be continued.

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